Yadamari Mandal

Yadamari is a village and a Mandal in Chittoor district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Yadamari is a mandal and a religious place. This town has triveni sangamam where three rivers are meeting at one place. A river coming from Keenatipalle, another coming from Gudiyattahm and the third coming from Guttakindapalle. These three rivers meet at Yadamari and there are three temples on the banks of the river making it a holy place. On the east side of the bank is a Lord Varadaraja Swami temple. On the north side is a Lord Sri Rama temple. On the west bank is a Lord Shiva temple. The town conducts annual bhrahmostavams for Lord Varadaraja Swamy. It is well known that on the day of the Garudostavam, the deity does not leave the temple premises until Garuda comes and circles in the sky. Many people come to see the spectacular and divine event. Radhostavam and Pushpa Palliki are other events that are of major importance during these bhrahmostavams.

Shri.P.Chinnmareddy the first MLA of Chittoor constituency came from Periyambadi village of Yadamari Mandal. Yadamari had the first post office in this area started during British period. The first branch post master was Shri M.Arumugam Pillai

D.P Palayam – దక్షిణ పాత పాలెం

Dakshina Patha Palem also known as D.P Palayam is one of the nearest villages to visit. Sri Veera Vijaya Anjaneya Swami temple is famous in this village. Every month during the full moon day special poojas, aaradhans are performed to lord Hanumanji, thousands of people in and around Chittoor, Gudiyattam and Vellore visit this temple.