Nimmanapalle Mandal

Nimmanapalle or Nimmanapalli is a small town in India, a mandal located in Chittoor district in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Nimmanapalli is one of the mandal which come under Madanapalli Constituency. It is 23 km from madanapalli, near by known villages are Valmikipuram, Kanduru, Kalikiri, Somala. The Famous Pilgrim Spot Sri Boyakonda Gangamma Devesthanma very near to Nimmanapalli and Thavalam Nela Malleswara Swamy temple also come under this mandal. Some important villages come under this mandal are Yerrathivaripalli, Reddivaripalli, Rachavetivaripalli, Pittavaripalli, Agraharam, Thavalam, Challavaripalli, MarriBanda, Venkojigaripalli.A small water canal is passed by Village yerrathivaripalli which is going to merge in Bahudha water project.