Gurramkonda is a historical place located between Cuddapah and the Bangalore highway in Chittoor district in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India. Gurramkonda is a mandal headquarters.

Geography : 

Gurramkonda is located at 13.7833°N 78.5833°E. It has an average elevation of 647 metres (2,123 ft).

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Gurramkonda is a Hill-Fort town.It was a fort town for the Vijayanagara kingdomunder King Sree Krishna Deva Raya. The name came because the rulers rode horses to reach their palace at the top of the steep hill. Konda means Hill and Gurram means Horse.

There is also a tomb for Tippu Sultan’s maternal uncle Maqbeera, similar to most Islamic tombs built in India.

Local lore states that a large deposit of diamonds and precious rocks were spread by the king across the hill when the kingdom was attacked. Even now, locals believe treasure is hidden around the foot of the hill.


Gurramkonda Fort is a 500 year old architectural masterpiece.It is made by Mortor. One of the heritage sites of India, this fort is a 500 year old architectural wonder. Located at a distance of 72 kilometres from Tirupati, the place is well connected and can be reached by road and rail. Originally a mud and rock construction, under the control of the Vijayanagara kingdom,  it then passed through to the hands of the Golconda sultans, who strengthened the fortifications with rock walls. The fort was later taken over by the Marathas, the CuddapahNawabs, Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan and then eventually by the British.

According to a legend, this fort was called ‘Gurramkonda’ as there was a statue of a horse on top of the hill, believed to be the guardian of the fort. The fort was considered to be impregnable as long as the horse remained there. When the Marathas attacked, they tried every trick in the book to conquer the fort but could not do so. So, when they learnt about the legend of the horse statue, one of the Maratha chief managed to scale the hill one night and carry away the horse. Hence, the spell was broken and on the next attack, the fort fell to the Marathas. This place is famous for fort ramparts, the RanginMahal Palace and the tomb of Mir Raza Ali Khan, Tipu Sultan’s maternal uncle.

How to Reach:

From Madanapalle to Gurramkonda (32 Kms)

Nearby Railway Station is Kurabalakota


Hotels Not Available, Boarding andlodgingnot available at Gurramkonda. Nearby place to stay is madanapalle