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This chapter presents the summary and conclusions.

Due to some cultural and religeous restrictions, many young girls is our country take appropriate and sufficient information regarding the care during menstreation and hygienc, causing in correct and unhealthy behaviour during their menstruel period.  This burden, unfortunately, has not been taken seriously in terms of its social or hygienc aspects, leading to almost very few local articles found on this subject.  This prounced defect resulted is design and implementation of the study to investigate the knowledge of a adolescent girls about care during menstruation.

The Objective of the study

To assess the knowledge regarding the care during menstruation among adolescent girls.

The assumption of the study was

The adolescent girls may have some knowledge regarding the care during menstruation.

The review ofliterature include related studies which provides a strong foundation fro the study.

The study was conducted on 30 adolescent girls residing at penumur  village.  Non probability convenient sampling technique was used to select these 30 adolescent girls, who met the selection criteria.

The data collected was analysed using descriptive statistics.  The Overall Knowledge level regarding the care during menstruation reveals that 8(26.7%) had inadequate knowledge, 16(53.3%) had moderate knowledge, 6(20%) adequate knowledge.

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