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Moola Kona

The Gajapath hill is an ideal spot for picnickers and trekkers, lending its beauty with one of the most visually pleasing waterfalls.  The hill is covered with herbal floral greenery and the water passes through them seems so crystal clear water reaches a small pond through two cascades.  One coming from the eastern part of […]


Akasha Ganga Theertham

Akasha Ganga Theertham is a popular sacred waterfall, about 5kms to the south of the Sri Venkateswara Temple. The waterfall is about 5 km from the main temple and the Tirumala Nambi family is allowed to take holy dip at this waterfalls . This holy theertha is found it’s rendering in the Vedas and it […]


Kulandisvara temple, Kattamanchi

The Kulandisvara temple is located in Kattimanchi, a suburb of Chittoor town on the Chittoor-Tirupati road. The temple has no epigraphs. The temple resembles in all respects the Mukkantisvara temple at Kalavagunta which is characteristic of the early Chola period. The temple is inside a walled enclosure with an entrance in the south surmounted by […]


అర్ధగిరి ఆలయం స్పెషల్

అర్ధగిరి ఆలయం స్పెషల్ ఇక్కడి పుష్కరిణిలో జలాన్ని తాగి ….మట్టిని ఒలంతా పూసుకుంటే రోగాలు న్యామోతా యి…! పౌర్నమిరోజున ఇక్కడి ఆలయంలో నిద్ర చేస్తే శాకిని ,డాకిని వంటి గాలి దెయ్యాలు పారిపోతయన్నది భక్తుల విశ్వాసం… ఇదీ చిత్తూరు జిల్లా అరగొండ అర్ధగిరి అభయ ఆంజనేయ స్వామ్మి కథ…. చిత్తూరు జిల్లా అర్ధగిరి అభయ ఆంజనేయ స్వామ్మి కి ఓ ప్రత్యేకత ఉంది .ఇక్కడ వెలసిన ఆంజనేయ స్వామ్మి భక్తుల బలహీనతలను దూరం చేసి ఆయురారోగ్యలను చేకూరుస్తాడని […]


Sri Palle Kondeswara Swamy Temple

ABOUT 56 KM from Chennai, on the Tamil Nadu-Andhra Pradesh border, is a small village called Surutapalli, which houses the only “Sayana Sivan” (sleeping Siva) called Pallikondeswarar. The temple has an interesting Sthala Puranam. Sage Valmiki prayed to Lord Rama and the Lord gave him darshan. After defeating Ravana, and before reaching Ayodhya, Rama stayed […]


Meet our MLAs: Mrs. Sathyaprabha

Born on 21st September 1951 to Sri H.K. Munivenkataswarappa and Smt. Chengamma in Bangalore, she in the eldest among three sons and three daughters. She has studied up to Pre-university in BMS Womens College in Bangalore during 1967-68. She was married to Sri D.K. Audikesavulu Naidu during the year 1968 and was blessed with two daughters and one son. She in an ardent devotee of Sri Bhagavan Sathaya Saibaba of Puttaparthi like her parents .

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