Valmikipuram Mandal

Valmikipuram or Vayalpadu is a small town and mandal headquarters of the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, located 100 kilometres from Tirupatiin India. Vayalpad is an assembly constituency and was a major talukheadquarters for the district.

Vayalpadu was formerly known as Valmikipuram. Recently it was renamed as “Valmikipuram”

Vayalpad is located at 13.6500°N 78.6333°E. It has an average elevation of 611 meters (2007 feet).

Vayalpad has a population of 17000 as per 2001 census

Assembly Constituency

Vayalpadu comes under Piler constituency.( In the year 2008 in pursuance of Delimitations, Valmikipuram Constituency lost its place and merged in thePileru Constituency.) List of Elected Members:[2]

  • 1983 – Chinthala Surendra Reddy
  • 1978 and 1985 – Nallari Amaranatha Reddy
  • 1985,1994, – Chinthala Ramachandra Reddy
  • 1989, 1999,2004 – Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy (16th Chief Minister AndhraPradesh (Nov 2010 – 2013)
  • 2014 – Chinthala Ramachandra Reddy
  • Valmikipuram has a cultured society. The people are amicable and softgoing. The Hindu Muslim amity is notable here. Urdu speaking population is more in this area.
  • The town is well known for the famous Temple of “Sri PattabiRamalayam” by Lord Jambavantha in Treta Yuga for its uniqueness in India. Sri Sita (Mata Sita to the Right side of SriRama gives Moksha to devotees who see sita mata sitting right to sriRama,which is the same as seen during Lord Sri Sita Rama Coronation or Pattabhisekam by Jambavan),Laxmana, Bharatha, Shatrughna, Anjaneya, sametha Rama’s Deity is found here. The God SriRama has Sword in his hand so, here Lord Rama is known as ‘ Pratapa Rama ‘. Saint Annamacharya has written at least 32 keerthans on this Pattabhi Rama. It has the history of around 500 years or more,it is believed to be developed in Sri Krishna Deva Raya’s period and Mula virat vimanam in Chola’s Period.The temple was adopted to Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams(TTD) in 1997 and is being developed by them in time.
  • There is a hill “Veeranna Konda” in the town. There is an ancient temple on it, ‘Veerabhadra’ idol resides in the temple. It is said that Sage Valmiki sat on this hill while writing Ramayanam. In fact when you view the hill from a particular area near the highway and railway station, you find some ‘Rocks on the hill’ and its shadow on ground appearing as if a Valmiki Rishi is sitting cross legged in meditation.
  • There is Andhra Pradesh Urdu Residential School for girls, run by the government is only the school in Chittoor District in its kind.
  • As it is located on Indian highways|National Highway NH-205 it is connected with a good frequency of buses.
  • There is a railway station in Valmikipuram.
  • There is a Junior College named P.V.C Govt Junior College.
  • Valmikipuram has a degree college and two other colleges, and several high schools and elementary schools withTelugu, English and Urdu Mediums.
  • The main festivals are SriRama Navami Tirunalla (a local Mela which is unique), Ramzan and Bakrid.
  • High priority to Mother Goddess Sita (Ammavariki) In Valmikipuram Sita Known as Jagan Mangala Devi, Sri SitaRamakalyanam held across the country every year on the day of Chaitra Shukla Navami with Punarvasu star i.e.,SriRama Navami. But at Valmikipuram(Vayalpadu) Sri Pattabhi Ramalayam Shrine, Sri SitaRama kalyanam(marriage) celebrations are organized on Mother Goddess Sri Sita/ Janaki Devi BirthStar Ashlesha day as Sita birth day i.e., On Chaitra Shukla Dasami Ashlesha day only, every year..i.e.,giving importance and priority to sita devi.
  • In the SRI PATTABHI RAMALAYAM Temple – SitaRama Kalyanam is done on every Punarvasu Constellation, of every Month which is BirthStar of Sri Rama.
  • Abhisekotsavam to Moolavars will be done on Punarvasu Star day i.e.,SriRama birth star, every Saturdays and Ekadasi Days.


The main area of economy is cultivation and farming. Three of the major crops are paddy (rice), tomatoes, and peanut|groundnuts and Sugar cane.

Temples and festivals

Pattabhi Ramudu Radham, Vayalpad


  • SRI PATTABHI RAMALAYAM – SriRama Pattabhisekham will be done on the month of Sravanam for about three days, on third day Coronation will be done by keeping a Crown on Lord SriRama’s Idol.SriRama’s birthday is Celebrated as Sri Rama Navami (On Chaitra Shukla Navami, Punarvasu Nakshatra fourth Pada) as Rama Born On that Day. SriRamaNavami is also the Same Day as the Day Of Killing Demon Ravana and Successfully Returning Victorious Rama to Ayodhya With Sita, Lakshmana, Hanuma, Sugriva, Jambavantha, Angadha etc., from Completing his Exile Period and then Sri Rama’s Coronation(Saamraajya Pattabhisekham) Ceremony took Place on the Following Day or very Next Day when returned from Exile On Chaitra Shukla Dasami, Pushya Constellation (Chaitra Shukla Dasami, Pushyami Constellation, the same Muhurtha kept for Rama’s Coronation which is given by Dasaratha and Vasista before SriRama’s14 years of Exile, Padhuka Pattabhisekham [happened before Rama completing his exile time] done by Rama’s brother Bharatha, when then Ayodhya is ruled by his Padhuka or Rama shoes till the end of 14 years exile time period of Rama returning Ayodhya) which is on Darmaraja Dasami day after SriRama Navami day, Lord Rama and his virtues besides, his popular regime ‘Rama Raajyam’ to mark DharmaRaja Dashami as part of Sri RamaNavami as ‘Ramo Vigrahavan Dharmah’ Which Means Rama is The Embodiment Of Dharma Or Dharma has taken a form of Ramachandrah , It is the Happiest and Unforgettable Day to Every Hindu.


  • Lord Shiva temple[Shri Lakshmi kameswari devi sametha Shri Kameswara swami Temple] – Located in Koneti street,Valmikipuram.
  • Recently, Sai Baba Temple built which is in outskirts of the town. It is surrounded with nice Garden, nice lawn. devotees are increasing day by day. Main contributor of the temple was M.L.A Chintala Ramachandra Reddy (YSRCP) and also trust chairman. it is a nice place to make mind peaceful.

Saibaba Temple, Vayalpad

Rendation of Annamacharya on this temple

Annamacharya written around 32 songs praising on Vayalpadu Srirama in both Telugu and Sanskrit languages mentioning as “VAVILIPATI” or “VAVILIPATILO” and mentioning the Idol as Veera Pratapa Rama or Veera Raghava.

  • Vavilipadu should be the original name given or the name that was in spread those days and timely it became vayalapadu.
  • The Scripts and songs of Annamacharya gives evidence that this temple exists at least from 600 years.

E.g.:- Raajeva netraya Raghavaya Namo, Veedivo ala vijayaragahavudu, Siggari pendli kutura Seethamma, DeenaRakshakud Akhila Vinutudu.

Schools and colleges in Vayalpad

    1. Zilla Parishad Urdu High School (govt)(Urdu + English)
    2. Zilla Parishath Girls High School (govt) (Telugu)
    3. Zilla Parishath Girls Residential High School (govt) (URDU)
    5. Vivekananda English Medium High School (English + Telugu)
    6. P.V.C school and college (govt) (English + Telugu)
    7. Swathantra Bharathi (English + Telugu)
    8. Elementary School (govt) (Telugu)
    9. N.T.R. Degree College (govt)
    10. M.P.P. Ele. School, Narem krishna Reddy Nagar, Beedavandla Pally (Telugu)