“The Time Calls You Now…!”
-Author by :D. Ramachandra Raju.”
-Cell : 98499 04513, 99083 24214

How old is time?
Does time have a soul of its own?
OK. Now that you have read all the 12 chapters, have you learnt anything new?
If you haven’t learnt anything new, it only means that you haven’t read the book with attention.
If you have no attention, this is of no use to you.
Tear these pages or give it to someone who needs this.
This book spoke of value of life. Now you are going to learn the meaning of life.
Does life have a meaning?
Every job in the world has a meaning.
Paulo Coelho says in his ‘Alchemist’ that like men even animals and the nature have a language of their own. There is a meaning in every change in nature.
“ Omens will definitely tell you What is going to happen If you find out”people say omens are superstitions. But, according to our  forefathers, they are warnings that ask us to review our decisions. If there is a bad omen when you set out on a journey, it only means that you should re-check if you have forgotten something or forgot to delegate something or if your decision was right. Just ponder for a moment. You think of someone and he is right before your eyes. You want to call someone over phone and at that very instant, he calls you up. There appears to be some clairvoyant connection between people. Thus, when everything has a meaning, even your life must have a meaning. We know of the story of a hunter. He shoots an arrow at a she bird. It gets killed. He makes a fire to roast the dead bird and eat it to satiate his hunger. At that very instant, the male bird too jumps into the fires to meet its beloved. This shakes the hunter to the core. He cries bitterly and his sorrow turns into a poem.“ Maa nishaada pratishthaam twa magamahasaswatha Samah, Yat Krouncha Mithuna deham avadhee kaama mohitam.”
This is the beginning of the epic poem Ramayana. The hunter turned poet describes the pain of separation between a father and son and between a wife and a husband. Everything in the world has a meaning. If you know the inner meaning, you have achieved Your life too has a meaning and you need to understand the meaning of life. You should realise how useful you are to how many people. You should prove your efficiency. You should realise the dreams of your parents and teach your wards on how to live. Gandhi would not have been thrown out of a running train if he had not gone to South Africa.

If Gandhi’s father did not know the Muslim trader, Gandhi would never have gone to South Africa. Latha Mangeshkar would not have become Bharath Ratna if pangs of poverty did not sear her. It was hunger that made Sri Sri pen his immortal poems. Had Alluri Seetarama Raju not been borne in forests, he would never have made the Britishers shiver to their bones. Had not Ambedkar been borne in a Dalit family, he would never have won in life. He acquired self-confidence from education and taught self-respect to this community. He went on to become a Bharat Ratna.Phule would not have taken up the cause of education had he not been insulted at a friend’s marriage. Abdul Kalam, who catalyed the youth of this country to dare to dream and strive to realise the dreams, could become a Bharat Ratna only because he was rejected as a pilot. Such is the beauty of this marvellous thing called life. Should I be telling the meaning of life to you? This is a story of a graduate in England. He did some small time jobs, but was not satisfied.

He began teaching the Christian youths in the evening. He prepared notes for teaching. Later, he chucked the job and wrote a novel, which over 20 publishers rejected outright. It was then that he realised that what was a great work of art for him was useless piece of paper for others.Then he began asking himself, how to write attractively. He began studying the lives of great men to understand the trials and tribulation that they faced and overcame. He realised how they emerged successful. Out of this was borne the book ‘How to stop worrying and start living.’ It sold millions of copies. He is none other than Dale Carnegie.
He went on to write ‘How to win friends and influence people?’ and ‘How to make public speeking?’
Now tell me, did his time die out?
It is these questions that make the world function. The world is all about these words. Time is ever-changing. If time is ever-changing and you are part of it, why shouldn’t you also be ever-changing. You did not know anything about this book before you read it.
Now you know quite a few things or recalled quite a few things.
Did the time that had gone by die out?
What about the time that is in your hands?
Shouldn’t you acquire the necessary strength and skills?
Shouldn’t you live afresh and live life full of swing?
Why are Buddha and Mahavira immortals? Why are Jesus and Mohammad still adored?
There are many great men who lived and enriched this world. Are they really dead? You too will die one day. You too should live long after you are gone.
This means you should win your life.
You must have a meaning to your life.
Your life should not be wasted.
If not the praised song of your nation, you should at least be the news of your village.
Shouldn’t future generations remember you?
Therein lays the true meaning of life.
It means you have conquered yourselves.
Your live is invaluable and your life has a meaning.
* * * * *
This is the time to begin… This is that time….. Time is not yet up. Now is the time to start good things. The real tragedy of life is being unable to do things that you can and want to do. “ The risk must be taken Because the greatest hazard in life is To risk nothing. The person who risks nothing Does nothing. Has nothing And is nothing.” The defeated people are those who fail to do things that they could have done. Their failure lies in their leaving the battle field and in losing their will to fight. “ Someone becomes great not because he has fallen, but because he has risen every time he fell,” says Goldsmith. “ The future belongs to those who see beauty in dreaming,” says Roosevelt. Close your eyes for a moment and think. Imagine you have achieved what you wanted to. So blissful, isn’t it. If imagination is so beautiful, imagine how beautiful the real life would be.
“ Imagination is the beginning of creation You imagine what you desire You will what you imagine
And at last you create what you will” – GB Shaw (1856-1950) Nobel Laureate In film Kagoshima, the heroine asks her father: “Papa… what is life without an impossible dream.” Life is achieving the impossible. If you will, you can be a winner. You can create a mark of your own and build a personality that becomes the talk of the town. You can become a sentence that people utter If you think you will and sincerely do it, you can achieve anything. Try and become.

Defeat is but a bend in the road.

Do not swerve from defeat. Victory is lurking round the corner.
Everything is possible if you believe, says Jesus.
Your mother gave you a form.
Your father gave you this life.
The teacher showed you this world.
God gave you the life
The tree, the air and water are your accomplices.
Your friends are with you.
The whole nature is with you.
Winning is so easy.
You are the song of your nation.
You are the word that your people utter.
Come… let’s conquer the life.
Let’s show what we are capable of doing.
Your steps are sure to shake the world.
Your words are arrows.
When you look, the world shakes.
Your hands are your weapons.
Let’s forge ahead singing the song of excelsior.