Age Doesn’t Matter!

11 Age Doesn’t Matter!


“The Time Calls You Now…!”
-Author by :D. Ramachandra Raju.”
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“Those who wail over the cemetery of past are old. Those who walk towards the future structure are young”
Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the second President of India anounced.
“Listen to what elders say.”
“Why should I bother about them?”
“Keep away from snakes.”
“I shall handle snakes.”
“Be careful while climbing trees.”
“Let me see how it feels when I fall down.”
“Don’ t go deep. You will drown.”
“Why should I listen to you?”
“You won’t be there to listen to me if you go any further.” The father told his son many a time.
“Study well.”
“Why shouldI?”
“Get up early in the morning.”
“No. I won’t.”
“Work hard.”
“I won’t”
Father felt exasperated at his son’s behaviour. He gave the same advice at the time of dinner.
“Why should I listen to you? You are a pestering sore. I will not listen to you.”

“Very well then! Then stop eating. Take off those clothes and leave this home because I built this.”
“You won’t listen to me. But, you want to enjoy new clothes earned from my money. You want good food procured from my money. You want to sleep under the fan that I bought. But, you wouldn’t want to listen to me.
How come?” The son was left speechless.
Who is a youth? He who takes a decision after analysing all aspects threadbare.
He who thinks out of the box regardless of his age.
He who is always happy.
He who is happiness personified.
He who does what everyone appreciates.
He whose soul is as pure as river Ganges.
He who strains every nerve of his to take whatever he begins to natural conclusion.
He who is compassionate.
He who is disciplined.
A Telugu translation of a Chinese novel was serialised in Andhra Jyothi weekly some three decades ago. In that serialised story, an 80 year old person serves prison sentence and a 20- year-old youth, framed on charges of killing his father joins him in the prison. The youth is highly depressed. The old man realises that the youth is innocent and was framed in a patricide case by five politically powerful leaders who were the actual killers. The old man channelizes the youth’s seething anger, consoles him and begins teaching him martial arts. He uses the act of sweeping to make him understand how hands and legs could be used as potent weapons. Wood cutting is used to maximise his power and converts his fingers into knives using the rice-washing. The youth turns into an expert fighter and a consummate archer. Then he creates a situation where the youth manages to get out of the prison. He makes all the inmates to say that they were eager to know about the anniversary of the Communist Party’s founding. Since the inmates are not allowed to go out, they want one of them to go out and see the programme for an hour so that he comes back to describe that for them. The jailer agrees to send the youth out. It’s anybody’s guess as to what may have happened after this.
Tragedies strike and problems confront everyone. No one can escape them. Some people get depressed by such tragedies and go to the extent of even ending their lives. If only one has some wisdom and an understanding of the ways of the world, one would realise that the crisis shall pass. There is this story of a king felicitating a swami in his durbar. A satisfied swami gifts him a talisman and tells the king that whenever he was in a dilemma, he could open the talisman and read what is written there to tide over.
A few days later, the king goes hunting in the forest. A tiger suddenly attacks him and separates him from his retinue. The king climbs up a tree to save himself. The tiger lies in wait for him down below. It was in this panic-stricken hour that he remembers the talisman to read what is written there.
It says:
“Don’t worry. Like all other problems, this too shall pass.” The troubles and travails shall pass. Happiness is just waiting round the corner for you. Patience is key to many a victory in the world. He who is courageous in the face of challenges shall easily cross this river of life. There are lot of retirees who made it big after they retired from service. Several people started life afresh after turning old. Being old is a state of mind. It is unconnected with physical age. Nobel laureate Ernest Hemingway’s “Old Man and the Sea” has this as its central theme. Dr Keshava Reddy’s “Atadu Adavini Jayinchadu’ (He defeated the forest) too tells a similar story

Who is a youth?

Those octogenarians who are confident that they can walk 50 km at a stretch.
Those who build the castles of future on the foundations of the past.
Such youth are the angels who fly in to bring in gospel.
They build the society.
However stark the vicissitude might be, it just passes.
All that you need to do is to keep smiling like a hero.
Then even at the fag-end of your life, you shall still achieve.