Give me the Self-belief

7.Give me the Self-belief

“The Time Calls You Now…!”
-Author by :D. Ramachandra Raju.”
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Yes. You can do anything if you have self-belief. If you think you can. You will. Beginning a task with self-belief ishalf the work done. Nothing can be achieved easy. But, nothing is impossible if we have perfect planning, determined execution and required skill set. This is not my quotation. It was said long time ago by extraordinaire famous Sanskrit poet Bhartruhari.

He said“ the men of lowest level do not begin any work for they are afraid of failure. Those in the middle level do begin but give up when they encounter obstacles. Only the best take up the task and strive with determination till it reaches its natural end.” How true? People want to do many things. But, they confine themselves to mere wishful thinking and They keep postponing the works. Even when they are in the evening of their lives, they continue to postpone. The postponement or prevarication is the result of their lack of self belief. Tell me! Far too often, you have been thinking of starting the day early. You have always been thinking… but never acted upon it. You are growing old and may die one day. Yet, the postponing continues.
The people in the middle level launch the work with fanfare, perform poojas and begin well. But, one obstacle and slight discouraging by someone makes them lose faith in themselves. Like the Uttara Kumara of Mahabharata, they want to back off from the battle field.

The people of third category are the best. They are fired by dreams of victory. Thousand impediments will fall flat before their dogged determination. They make the mountains make way and they brim with enthusiasm like the bright afternoon sun. They have faith in themselves and they are never afraid of adversaries.

Such people are world beaters. They can surmount the most difficult of the obstacles with ease. He who has the dogged determination of Buddha Commitment of Mohammad,

The prophet The humanity of Mahavira

The will of Sankara

The social outlook of Ramanuja

The Non-violence of the Mahatma

The grace of the Christ

Service outlook of Teresa

The charity of Karna

The compassion of Shibi Prahlada’s love of God And the morality of Vidura can achieve everything in life. Those with a clear aim in life can achieve anything. Arjuna’s aim was so perfect that he saw othing except the eye of the bird. Long time ago, two brothers were playing in front of a mansion. The younger one said: “Brother… This is a huge mansion. The people living in there must be really great.” “Yeah” agreed the older one. They enquired the security officer at the building. The officer told them that the building belongs to the chief justice of the high court. While returning, the elder one said: “I shall reside in this mansion some day.” The younger brother paid no heed and soon forgot everything about it. But, 20 years later, he remembered it all as he was dining with his brother in the very same mansion.

The elder of the two studied law, worked as a legal assistant in Mumbai high court carrying files and other material, then became a lawyer himself, before becoming a judge and finally a High Court justice. He went on to become the chief justice of the Supreme Court of India. He is none other than Justice HS Kapadia. Think of thespian Devanand. On seeing huge crowds in front of a cinema hall, he dreamt that one day people would flock in a similar manner to watch him perform on the celluloid. This dream turned true. Devanand went on to become the most popular filmi heroes of all time. The title of his autobiography reveals his jest for life. It is titled ‘Romancing With Life.’ That district had over eighty government-run hostels. They get subsidised rice from the government. But, that month, the officer refused to release the rice quota if the bills were not cleared immediately.

The hostel management cannot buy rice from open market nor can they afford to keep the students starving. The hostel superintendent was clueless what to do. He has been making rounds of the civil supplies department, but to no avail. It was the end of the month. Everyone was expectantly looking for the superintendent to come with the orders of rice. He did come, but without the orders as the civil supplies officer refused to give rice on credit. There was no other way as the treasury would take a while to release the funds. Till then, the students have to starve or the hostel has to remain closed.

The District Officer was afraid of taking the issue to the notice of the district collector for fear of reprimanding. It was then that his subordinate came forward. “I shall get the rice quota. Please permit me.” The District Officer was surprised, but the subordinate reassured him. The subordinate believed in Vivekananda’s dictum of ‘stop not till the goal is reached.’ He met the DM and greeted him. When he told him about the purpose of the visit, the DM flared up. “No cash, no rice.” He said firmly.

“I understand that sir. But, can I sit for a while and explain you something? “No… Get out.” “I shall, but not before telling you that you will be out of your job by tomorrow.” “What nonsense,” the DM said dismissively. “Few moments from now, you will see the media persons coming in and writing about you in the newspapers. They will expose your follies and you would get suspended.” That set the DM thinking. He mellowed down a bit. But, he tried to put a brave front. “I did no wrong.” “Sir, everyone knows your honesty and uprightness. You are a stickler for rules.

But, should the rules come in the way of feeding poor children?” The officer said nothing. “You are a god-fearing person. Doesn’t starving the children amount to sinning?” the subordinate said as he glanced at the photo of Lord Venkateswara kept before the officer. The officer remained silent. The subordinate continued. “You can issue rice without breaking the rules.” “But, no credit,” the officer said. The subordinate realised that the officer was mellowing. “We will never ask for credit from the next month. For this month, however, you have to give on credit. Otherwise, I shall go to the Collector to apprise him of the situation,” he said.

There was a mild threat in his voice. The officer was worried. He did not want the issue to go to the higher authorities. Suddenly, he broke into smile and said: “It appears you have come determined to take the rice quota!” “Yes sir. I did not want my children to starve.” The superintendent felt it was impossible, while his subordinate believed it was possible. Let me recount another anecdote. This is no fiction, but a real life incident. Some seventy years ago, a woman stood before a tea vendor. She was seeking alms. She wanted some pieces of bread. “How many times should I tell you that I am not going to give you crumbs?” The vendor barked angrily. But, the woman, a westerner, was determined. “I shall leave only when I get some bread crumbs.” The tea vendor was livid. He spat on her. She calmly wiped it and said: “I did not ask for this. Yet, you were kind enough to give me this. The same way, please give me the bread.” The vendor had no alternative but to give the bread.

The woman took the bread and began running. Everyone was curious what the woman would do. She was not bothered about the insults. She was only interested in the bread. And the bread was not for her. As she ran, a bicycle-born person saw her. He immediately alighted and respectfully greeted her. She had no interest in pleasantries. She continued to hurry towards a beggar sitting on the other side of the road. She fed the hungry beggar. As she was doing this, the vendor asked the cyclist, “Why are you greeting this beggar? The cyclist snapped: “She is no beggar. She is the mother of the beggars, the poor and the destitute. She is taking the bread to feed the beggar.” The vendor was now filled with remorse. This woman later became ‘Bharat Ratna’ and went on to win Nobel peace prize.

Not everyone might be as successful. But, what is important is whether the efforts were sincere. Did you make a sincere try? Achievement depends on the means you employ. An engineer in Nandyal wanted to set up an industry. He readied the papers and got the necessary permissions. But, the banks were not forthcoming in granting him loan. But, he did not lose his confidence. He bought a swank new car and got pricy jewellery for his wife. Then, he set out to meet his relatives. While showing off the wealth, he dropped a hint that he was about to set up an industry. He told them that he was offering preferential shares to them. Everyone lapped up the idea and invested.

The industry was set up, he made profits and shared it among them. Had he asked for a loan, he would never have got money. He asked them to invest and everybody did. Not every time will one succeed! Sometimes, there could be failures despite the best of efforts. “Sometimes, even Homer nods.” Your weapon against failure must be a smile. Smile away your failure. Crying does not make failure a success.Tirukkural enjoins one to “challenge the failures with a smile”. Many a successful man weathered more failures than one could emember. We all know how many times Thomas Alva Edison failed before inventing the electric bulb. “ If hard work is your weapon, the success would become your slave”. Those who strive shall succeed. No one has achieved anything without toil.

Never. Tiny beings like the ants sweat it out to gather food. They put their efforts together to carry food that is many times bigger than their cumulative body weight. Vairimuttu, a famous Tamil poet has put it very succinctly.

“ After I am gone…

My friends sing paeons…

Even my sneeze was music After I am gone…

My enemies decry…

Even my music was worse than a sneeze..

My sons, make it clear to everyone…

That both were wrong. Tell them that your father never believed what lines on his palm dictated

He toiled hard to erase those lines…”

Nothing comes easy. One has to strive. That is real valour. And when you achieve, the world listens to you. It respects you. Most of our IAS and IPS officers were ordinary students. They had become what they are now only after they toiled for 16 to 20 hours a day. Even an average student can excel, if only he puts in hard work. There is no use bragging about your abilities. You have to prove your abilities. Let us consider this story. Ram and Shyam are good friends. Ram is from a poor family and belongs to a caste that is low down in the social hierarchy. Yet, he worked hard and secured 580 marks in the SSC examination. Shyam is Richie rich. His caste is higher in the social order. But, he got through the SSC examinations with bare minimum marks. Their teacher encounters them on the road.

They greet him. It is anybody’s guess who the teacher must have patted appreciatively. It is undoubtedly Ram for all his hard work and the resultant achievement. The lesson is, you are believed, trusted and respected only when you prove yourselves. As Marx said,“ you have nothing to lose except your shackles if you fight.” We can achieve only when we strive. Life is a constant struggle. If you do not struggle and strive, you are a goner. Even a dog snatches your morsel of food if it finds you weak and indefensible. Hence, “strength is life and weakness is death.” Didn’t Vivekananda say? “Everyone does well the work he likes. But the wise is one who turns every work the work he likes and relishes.” Belief alone can make you like what you are doing. Like what you do. Then success is all yours.

Be life ! Be lief is world !

Belief is the basis of any work.
Belief makes this world function
Anything is possible if you believe
Many people live peacefully in the belief that the Almighty shall save them.
If you have self-belief, you can pulverise mountains
It is belief and belief alone that made Lord Vishnu to appear in a broken pillar for his devotee Prahlada.