The Age Calls You

 5 The Age Calls You

“The Time Calls You Now…!”
-Author by :D. Ramachandra Raju.”
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Silvery ribbons of moonlight descend from the skies. A girl with her dark brunette hair and chunri flying in the bree stands at the shore of the silvery shiny river and rapturously invites her lover to an ethereally warm embrace. The paramour stands enthralled and you are watching this. Heavenly scene happening right before you. How do you feel? A beautiful girl strolls along. She is stunning and one cannot simply take one’s eyes off her. It’s a scene straight out of the dream world and one would never ever want it to end. One wants to see her again and again.
This giving in to the senses… this feeling of wanting this experience to happen again and again is the essential beauty of life. Shunning away gives you nothing. Giving in to these will gift to you love, life, contemplation and the joie de vivre. Telugu poet Dasarathi said if weltschmerz is the empty sky, while pleasure is the all powerfu Afraid that the girl would chide, some boys cast furtive sideway glances. Some dare to look straight into the eyes when there’s no one around. Some become oblivious of everything, including oneself, while looking at the girl. All these depend on one’s mental state.
On seeing an ethereally evocative beauty, a youth told self: “I would be luckiest if she becomes my love of life.” Another felt: “My day is made if I get to touch and feel her person but once.” Yet another young man despairs: “I am not lucky enough. She may, in all likelihood, reject me.” Each one thinks differently. But, what actually is love? It could be affection, infatuation, feeling of togetherness, an eternal embrace, an irresistible liking, an uncontrollable urge, a deep-rooted admiration…. All this and much more! What is the culmination of love? Love is life. English royalty scion Edward fell for a commoner. His royal status became an impediment to marry his lady love.
The king put down his foot firmly and said: “No.” Edward said with equal firmness, “no.” “You will lose the kingdom.” “You will lose your son.” Edward shunned royalty and chose to live like a commoner for his lady love. Is love so invaluable? Are the rigours of love more endearing than the luxuries of royalty? Why is it that the king failed to understand what his son felt was the most important thing in life? “What, pray, is making you fall in love with Anarkali,” asked moghal emperor Akbar. “Look at Anarkali through my eyes and you will understand,” said Akbar’s son Saleem. “Is she more important than your father and this vast kingdom?” asks Akbar. “Yes” replies Saleem. Why is love so powerful? How does it evaporate after a few years? “At what stage does love end,” a youth asked an 80- year-old woman. “Even I do not have an answer,” replied the lady with a twinkle in her eye. Yes. The world without love can be as mad as it can be. A life without love is as good as being dead. Sans love, life is pitch darkness.
Love drives people
Love gives happiness
Love makes individuals dance to its tunes.
Love insults individuals and makes people hate others.
How does love arise? When a girl meets the boy and when a boy meets the girl. Poet Atreya has so beautifully said in the song in thefilm ‘Atmabalam’ (strength of soul) that love begins as a tusslein the eyes and then spreads as a great happiness into the heart. See this. Yes. Don’t read through. See this. Is it possible that anyone falls in love with his lover without ever seeing her in person? In today’s world, thanks to the Internet and mobile phones, one can fall in love by talking to each other even before getting to see each other. But the love that arises from talking can only succeed when they get to see one another. Love gets reinforced only when they see one another. No one loves someone who does not look likable. So, the girl’s face has to be good. Her eyes must be lovely. Her nose and hair would have to be good. Her conversation has to be lovely. Her complexion must be good. Her height, her looks, her appearance should also be good. Only when the eyes meet, the conversation begins.

Then the hearts throng. The boy exclaims: “Is it possible that a girl can be so beautiful? When you smile, it is as if moonlight descending on to the world. Such beautiful lips, the sheen of the skin, exquisite throat, aquiline nose, that beautiful gait…. Verily… she is a beautiful angel.” The girl blushes. “Sheer poetry,” she chides. “One seeing you, even the dumb can recite poetry.” “You seem to be a wizard of words.” “Your beauty stole my heart,” he says. The girl proposes, “Let’s chat over a cup of coffee.” The boy wants the girl to fall into his lap. A lot of sweet nothings and endless chatting goes on Finally, in a weak moment, the couple gives into the irresistible urge to join in conjugal bliss. This does not stop here. They keep meeting often. The life of love could be a few hours, few days or a couple of years. Only in a few cases will the love be a life-long affair. Why it is that love deteriorates over time and why doesn’t it last forever.
There are a few persons who live narrow lives in spacious buildings. They oppose love. They slam: “This love marriage can’t happen. Sun may rise in the west, but I wouldn’t allow love marriage.” They refuse to understand the feelings of their wards. They realize this only after they end their lives. “Our social profiles do not match. We are rich and they are dead poor,” they would oppose. Does one live with the loved ones or with their endless and lifeless assets? These people would never understand. They would give more importance to the social status than to their wards’ love. Some are enamoured of caste. They give primacy to caste. They would never understand that all humans are same. They would rather allow their children to die than allow their love.
Sankaracharya was climbing down the steps after having a darshan of Lord Kashi Vishwanatha. He encounters a lowlyChandala and his four dogs. Disciple of Sankara wants the Chandala to give way. Then the chandala asks Sankara: “Are you asking my body to step aside or the atman to move aside? Sankara realizes his folly and pronounces the oneness of the humankind. God knows which chandala makes these castecrazy people realize their folly.

Annamacharya had already proclaimed on the holy hills of Tirumala the oneness of all humankind when he sang “Both the exalted Brahmana and the Chandala finally rest at the same place.” These people fail to realize this. Then there are some, who are under the influence of the opiate of religion. Shabana Azmi, a great humanist and a thespian of high order, had ably replied to such bigots. In 1990, the Government of India honoured Nelson Mandela with the coveted Bharata Ratna. During the presentation ceremony, Sabana Azmi kissed him on his forehead out of sheer reverence. Bigoted religious leaders saw red and raised a ruckus. Heated debate followed. Shabana Azmi gave a deafeningly resounding reply. “My friends, I am a human being first, a woman next. Thirdly I am a Muslim. Fourthly, I am an Indian.” Perhaps bigots do not listen to these sage and sane words. Who is responsible for this attitude? Man is immortal But Love is immortal Thus spoke a great soul.

When two people fall in love, it is but natural that the relationship gets physical sooner or later. But, can anyone go beyond the physical relationship? Can anyone win it over? He is a great thinker and a scientist. While he was doing his research in Germany, house owner’s girl falls for him. She says that she cannot think of life without him. They both come to India. Being extremely orthodox, Laxmana Rao’s parents refuse to let the girl into their home. They serve food to her in the front yard of the house. Unmindful of the insult and rejection, the girl happily partakes the food. They later get married. On the day of consummation of their marriage, the German girl comes resplendently attired in traditional Indian costumes. He asks her to sit by his side and recounts a real life tale. “Long years ago, a Whiteman fell in love with a girl from Vizianagaram and tied the knot with her.

They begot a son who was ugly and pale. When he was sent to the school, his classmates made heckled him for his ungainly appearance. The boy came home sobbing inconsolably. As his classmate, I witnessed his plight. Now tell me, if our son too is born ugly and ungainly, what would you do? Would you have the courage to brave this insult?” The girl did not utter a word. She appeared confused. After a long pause, she merely asked “What should we do?” The gentleman asked her: “Did you love my body or my soul?” That set the girl thinking. She knew he was a man of wisdom, a great soul that was not vainglorious and a man of morals. He was a Gandhian to the core and sincerely believed in brahmacharya. She knew the firmness of his mind. He knew the inner beauty of his consort. Both knew each other so very well.

He then defines love for her:”We must live in the eternal embrace of love, affection and understanding, not merely a cold physical embrace.” She understood him perfectly and they lived happily ever after as example of perfect love sans physicality.
That woman was Mellie Solinger, who courageously plunged herself into a river Godavari when she felt the boat was moving too slow and swam across the swollen river much before the boat could arrive at the shore. The story of this brave couple is immortalised in Laxmana Rao’s autobiography ‘Batuku Pustakam’ (the book of life). He is nothing but a famous novelist who wrote ‘Athadu Aame’ (He and She). Self control is possible only when succeeds in leashing the self. Can today’s lovers stay away from a physical relationship before the marriage? Can they claim that their relation is immortal and platonic? No… a thousand times No! If one can marry the person of one’s choice and win over the person, then one’s life verily becomes a picture perfect of fulfilment, satisfaction and strength. A person’s strength and weaknesses get exposed in the way he or she tackles his relationship. Can one be happy in a marriage that is not to his liking? Can anyone tolerate what he utterly dislikes? When one marries the person of his or her choice, the story does not end there. It actually begins.

The person has to prove himself and his capabilities. Then and then alone can he hope to achieve real aim of his life. That life which achieves its aim is the life of real fulfilment. How you live the rest of your life depends on your wisdom. You need to get the necessary wherewithal to fight the battle of life. The weapon gives you the courage. Only when you have money, can you buy the things you want. Only when you know, can you argue. Only when you have a stick to beat, you can kill a poisonous snake. Only when you acquire influence, can you achieve your aim. Your influence depends on how you speak. Your speech is your Success Mantra.

Is Love a Sin?

Is love the raison d’etre of life?

If love is so great, will you then love as greatly?

Will you die for your life?
How can you demonstrate your love, if you take your life?
Choose the love of your life carefully.There is nothing that you cannot achieve if you have someone who backs you and feels for you.