Mind and its Beauty

3 Mind and its Beauty

“The Time Calls You Now…!”
-Author by :D. Ramachandra Raju.”
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Does every living thing have a mind of its own? What is mind? What is it’s shape, colour and what, pray, is its secret?
When one unravels the mystery of the mind, the inner most secret of this universe gets revealed. Man has been – for the last several millennia – trying to unravel this with all his intellect. The scientists are of late talking of the God particle. Let’s hope something comes out it. It is the mind that dictates and determines all actions. Every organ of the body such as the tongue, body and brain are under its control. Your mind is sum of your thoughts. If mind says one is good, he is good. If it says one is bad, he is bad. Everything boils down to what you think. Your thinking dictates your actions. In fact, Sigmund Freud had said that every human has three levels of consciousness. But that is a big subject and more of it later.
Can one tell what’s playing in the mind of another person?
Can one fathom the mind?

Osho had mesmerized the world with his thoughts that are refreshingly different. He altered the way the world thought. This modern day messiah used to say: “You are the king. You are the ruler of your mind.” He used to say like the king even mind has an army at its command – the army of desires. It has enemies – enemies like anger and jealousy. It also has a minister and thought process is the minister. But, let’s keep all of them aside and think. Some four hundred years ago, Milton wrote his magnum opus “Paradise Lost.” God and the Satan are portrayed in the epic poem. Satan, who declares a war on the God, commands his army to attack heavens.
The army shudders at the thought and says “impossible.” Satan then exhorts them thus: “ The mind is in its own place We have to make heaven of hell or Hell of Heaven.” All this only tells us that mind is man’s most potent weapon. Consider these. People usually say that they find it very difficult to do things they don’t like. But, what some don’t like at all is most liked by many others. How come? For instance, a young woman can’t stand her in-laws. She hates serving them. She keeps on demanding her husband that they be shunted out to some oldage home. The husband keeps dilly-dallying.

Meanwhile, the woman gets pregnant and delivers a baby boy. Her parents are unavailable and cannot help her in tending the baby. Meanwhile, the husband suddenly sends both the parents to a home for the aged. The woman, who wanted them to be sent to the home, instead of feeling happy, goes wild with anger. “Why did you leave them at the oldage home?” The husband is nonplussed. He doesn’t understand why the wife is angry. “Why did you shift to the oldage home now?” “Sorry. I was very delayed in doing what you told me. Now that I have sent them out, you must be feeling happy,” He says. The woman needs the in-laws most now. She wants them to help her in tending the baby. Their presence will lessen her burden. Hence, she began to feel their need despite hating them all these days.

She now says,” Poor in-laws! Where can they go at this stage of their life?” Her feelings towards her in-laws have changed because her attitude has changed. The hatred is gone because she began seeing virtues in them. Thus, what one needs is the urge to love things and a willingness to change. We brush our teeth and take a shower every day. We cleanse ourselves of impurities. Why, pray, shouldn’t we cleanse our mind and soul too much the same way? * * * * * The following is a real incident that occurred in 1999 at Bairagi Patteda in Tirupati. The sun was just rising and Mohan sleepily opened the door to pick up the newspaper. Neeraja, his neighbor, was making a rangoli in the front yard of her house. On seeing Mohan, she said: “saw you pic in today’s newspaper.” “There were some competitions at the Rotary Club and I just happened to be there,” Mohan said smiling. “You should’ve told me. I would have sent my daughter too” “Had she be there, our baby would surely have won some prize.” “You should’ve told me,” Neeraja said in a complaining tone. “Even I wasn’t aware of the contest. A colleague of mine took me there. Next time there is a contest, I’ll surely take the baby along.” This was enough for Mohan’s wife. She had been eyesdropping their conversation. All along, she had been suspecting her husband’s fidelity. Today’s chat was enough for her to get totally convinced. “My husband is a cheat. He has an affair with Neeraja. Why should I live now?” She repeatedly murmured.Moments after Mohan went to the office, she hanged self from a ceiling fan . If only she thought slightly differently! “Yeah….Even I behaved like an idiot in the early days of my marital life,” admits a professor in SV University. “I used to feel jealous whenever my husband talked to other women. I soon began suspecting his moves and motives. Huge arguments ensued. Angered by my nagging, he used to abuse and assault me. When I complained, even my parents reprimanded me. But, I did not stop spying on my husband. Many times, I borrowed burkha from my friend and followed him. When he came home late, I used to create a big scene.

I even searched his pockets to see if there were any love letters. No one believed me, but I was hell-bent on catching him redhanded. When I couldn’t, I wanted wreak revenge by committing suicide. But, one incident changed me completely,” she said. “That evening I was sitting in the verandah thinking about suicide. Suddenly, a boy came running, thrust a letter into my hands and ran away. I opened it. It was a love letter to me and was from Ramana, a teacher staying close by. In the letter, he rote about how madly he was in love with me. He also wrote how he used to voyeur me. He also said he would elope with me if I am OK. ” * * * * * The professor continued:” I was shocked and ashamed too. My husband never doubted me despite Ramana leering at me, while I was suspecting his every move. That changed me completely,” she said. I have forgotten suspicion om my husband in the way to solve my own problem. My mind blowing disappeared in the solvation of new problem. Tolstoy, a famous novelist – a favourite of Gandhiji and known world over for his portrayal and story-telling – too faced untold suffering from his wife for twenty years. Though he has greatly enriched Russian literature, he was a wreck when it came to marital life. His marital discord was the central theme of his magnum opus Anna Karenina. Unable to bear the harassment by his wife,he left the home and spent a whole wintry night in a railway station. By the dawn, he was found dead. At 72, he felt the snowy wintry night was a better option, than staying warm in the company of his harassing wife.

He was unable to bear her excesses and felt icy cold winter was far more acceptable than his icy cold wife. According to a survey, at least 15 per cent of young and married Indians were getting addicted to liquor or betting unable to bear marital discord. Many of them come home late and are in the habit of lying to wife. If only these wives controlled their acerbic tongues and sweet-talked. I read somewhere: “A person who can’t control his emotions will never win.” Once, I and my friend went to the secretariat to plead for his transfer to a place of his choosing. My assistant secretary too had accompanied us. After sunset, my friend invited both of us for drinks. But, my assistant secretary refused. He said: “My wife must be waiting for me. We planned to go to a movie.” “Can’t the movie wait for a day?” my friend asked him. “This one hour of pleasure of your company can never be more than the lifelong happiness of spending time with my wife,” Pat came the reply.

It was like an eye opener, a tight slap. Since then, I have made it a habit to go home the moment I am done for the day in the office. It is the mind that decides and determines these decisions. Mind thus is very important. Then how about exercise for the mind just as we have exercises for the body? Woman DIG Charu Sinha says she feels very sick if she gives her regular exercise a miss for any reason. Then should we not similarly do exercise for the mind? Can we not do some yoga, jogging, walking or athletics for at least half hour every day and do it with positive thoughts? Imagine a beautiful girl came to your house and you are bonkers over her. You can’t take your eyes of her. In your mind maze, you are already courting her. Then, your mom comes and tells you that she is your long lost sister. Your imaginary world is shattered.

Your mother asks you to do an errand and you would say ” I am tired and can’t go out now”. But, that very moment, your pal barges in and says: “Come … your sweetheart is waiting for you…” All your fatigue is gone and you are ready to fly off to her. Why and how has your fatigue vanished? Sridevi is all dressed up to go to the college. She is exuberant. She bade goodbye to her parents and was pacing towards the college. It was then that she got a call from her friend Sundari. “Don’t come to the college. The situation here is very tense. You slapped Gopi yesterday for making indecent passes at you. Today, he is out with his gang waiting to avenge it.”Suddenly, a chill passes through your spine and you shudder at the thought of going to the college and facing him. That very moment, you happen to see your well-build and muscular brother and tell him about Sundari’s warning.”You may bunk the college today. What about tomorrow and the day after?” he asks you and reminds you that you are a Karate fighter. “If he attacks you today, he will face the music tomorrow. Will we be taking things lying down if your principal doesn’t punish him? You are a shuttle champ and your friends will not keep silent if you are attacked.” Your brother’s utterances transform you. You are a changed person now, no more afraid of the hooligan.

You bravely go to the college. This change is because of your mind. Your mind is key to do something or shy away from it. You are a good student. You secured state-level rank in the SSC examination. Yes you can. Fair complexioned Jayaprada is married to darkcomplexioned Raja Rao. She felt he was not suitable for her. But all those doubts vanish and begin to love him when her mother tells her that Raja Rao had refused dowry and asked the same amount be spent on paying up fee for your brother. She also tells her that everyone is happy with him. They say he is dignified and decent. Now Jayaprada thinks very highly about him. What you see depends on how you look at it.Your mind is your master.

A writer wrote a 280-page treatise on the ‘Ways of Seeing.’ It all depends on how look at it. Some people like to soak in the drizzle. Some do not like it. Some people like to be workaholics, while some want to while away their time chatting. Your likes and dislikes depend on your state of mind. One individual is determined to complete the assigned task no matter how much time is needed. Another individual can’t wake up in the mornings no matter how important the work is. To like something, you have to have jest and enthusiasm.To like something, you need dedication. If you have the urge and the yearning, you will continue despite everyone entreating you not to go ahead. – That is undaunted devotion.


Your mind is like a heap of soil. Seed begins to germinate if the soil gets irrigatedby contemplation. If you sow the seed of knowledge, your character sprouts. Apply the manure of perseverance. Colourful flowers of opportunity bloom. Patience is the flower and target achievement is its harvest. That is the aim of life. If you master your mind, you are the master of all you survey. So, your mind is your life.