Srikalahasti Temple



This temple is one of the most impressive Shiva temples in India. This temple features an enormous, ancient grampus (entrance tower) over the main gate. The tower is 36.5 m (120 ft) high. The entire temple is carved out of the side of a huge stone hill.

The initial structure of this temple was constructed by the Pal lava dynasty in the 5th century. The Chola kings and the Vijayanagara kings also gave great help for the temple development. Like other great temples, the construction period of Sri Kalahasthi temple lasted centuries. Around the 10th century, the Chola kings renovated the temple and constructed the main structure.

The 120 feet (37 m) high main gopuram and the 100 pillar mandapam were constructed by Krishnadevaraya, the Vijayanagara king in 1516.

Nithya Annadana scheme

Annasritani bhutani, annam paranamitrisruti
tasmad annasn annamhi paramohini

There is no gift superior to Annadanam, the tradition of providing food to the sunging has been followed since the Vedic period. Annadata Sukhibhava (may the provider of food be happy) say the ancients, several crores of merits occur due to this pious act.

Sri Gnana Prasunambika Devi Nithya Annadana scheme was set up to provide free food to the devotees visited the sacred temple of Srikalahasthi, no fewer than 200 devotees are fed daily under this scheme.

Annadanam is arrange in the name of the donor, on the day chosen by him/her making use of the interest secured on the donation. Donors can contribute any amount over Rs. 1116/-. Annadanam is provided every year on the day of donor’s choice using only the interest derived from the endowment.

  • Donors of Rs. 50,000 will be mentioned as “Maharaja Sikhamanis”
  • Donors of Rs. 25,000 will be called “Raja poshakas”
  • Donors of Rs. 10,000 will be called “poshakas”
  • Donors of Rs. 5000 will be mentioned as “Bhakta Sikhamanis”.

Those who contribute lesser amounts toward this scheme will be considered as Donors by the Devasthanam. Generous contributions of the devotees on the basis of this scheme will be welcomed in the form of D.D. in person drawn in favour of the executive officer…