Sri Subramaniya Swamy Temple

Sri Subramaniya Swamy temple is situated on a small hill called bonthagutta near kalepalli village, beside talapulapalli which comes on the 14 kms mile stone to piller from chittoor.




Subramaniya Swamy Sametha Valli and Devasena. Long years ago, Lord Muruga (Subramanyaswamy) came in the dream of a villager and told him that he is incarnated on the top of the hill in the form of a Idol. In the morning, the villager who dreamt went to the top of the hill to check whether there is any idol. Surprisingly, he found an idol of Lord Subramanyaswamy and he constructed a temple. Then after due to fortune, his life turned up and now he was settled down in Dubai. One can find a good view from the top of the hill and the atmosphere there will be very calm and peaceful.