The Sadasiva Kona is famous for its waterfalls and it is a religious location as well as a nature spot situated remotely on the Puttur-Tirupati route and just 10 km from MajjigaGunta. The place is densely populated with thick trees and vegetation with snobbish hillocks and mountain heads covering around giving a panoramic view of waterfall. The temple of Lord Sadasiva (an incarnation of Lord Shiva) along with his wife Goddess Kamakshi is situated near the waterfalls and the major festivals celebrated here are MahaShivaratri, VaikuntaEkadasi and all Mondays during the KarthikaMasam. During these days devotees in a large number visit the temple from several parts of the state and Tamil Nadu state as well. The king of Karvetinagaram who patronized and worshipped Lord Sadasiva and Goddess Kamakshi constructed the temple.

The perennial waterfall is scanty during summer but overflows in monsoons and all other seasons, traveling eastwards, catering the irrigation needs of the nearby villages. The surroundings are covered up with big trees and bushes making the place peaceful and calm with its greenery. Apart from the picturesque locations, the place is also famous for its medicinal herbs and plants. It is believed that the water has tremendous healing powers and a bath in it shall free us from all our sins. On the other hand, Ammavari Kona and Ayyavari Kona waterfalls also are located near this place and water from all these valleys flow along and consolidate at a point as a Pushkarini (a sacred pond) which is also believed to have miraculous powers that can cure the devotees from all their sins and diseases.

The main source of income of the temple is the offerings made by the devotees. The temple remained unnoticed and unexplored and it needs several infrastructure developments so as to provide proper facilities to the devotees.


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There is no accommodation available near by the temple and waterfalls.


How to Reach:

you can go by bus up to Nagileru from where you need to walk for about 4 km to reach the place. Alternatively, there are several other routes through Yerpadu, Papanaidupeta and Vadamalapeta

On Chennai – Tirupathi road, cross Puttur, after 5km you will Taduku village on the Highway. slowdown go slowly about .75 kms u will this hoarding Sada Shiva Kona to ur right side. this spot is called MajjigaGunta. take right turn from there to reach hills bottom.

Nearest Railway Station:Taduku or Puttur