Ramakuppam Mandal

Ramakuppam is a town in Palmaner Taluk, Chittoor District, in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Ramakuppam lies on the southern edge of the Deccan plateau, at 12°54′1″N 78°29′12″E.[1] Further south, the landscape descends through a forest range to meet the plains of Tamil Nadu.

The town is approximately 24 km from Kuppam, and 120 km from Bangalore. Nearby villages include Bandarlapalle,Athikuppam, Manendram and Mittapalli.

Ramakuppam has an average elevation of 761 metres (2,497 feet).

Once this village was under the Zamindar of Kuppam. After separation of Zamindar brothers Venkatapathi Naidu and RamaPathi Naidu mostly may be in the 19th century (around the 1820s or 1830s), RamaPathi Naidu came to this place and constructed the palace, so the place, Ramakuppam was called by the combination of his name and his native place name (Kuppam). After the family of jamindar shifted to London the complete palace was demolished by unknown people and the stones of the palace were used in the houses of the villagers. Venkatapathi Naidu constructed Venkatagiri Kota (V.Kota). Under ramakuppam mandal there are more than 400 villages were living, and many villages were added kuppam to their village in respect of the Jamindar. e.g.: seginekuppam, chintha kuppam, pallikuppam etc.