Pedda Thippasamudram Mandal

Peddathippasamudram is a village and a Mandal in Chittoor district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Pedda Thippa Samudram mandal HQ (Mandal code-4) is under Chitoor Dt. (Dt code-10). This is in the AP Border areas. There are 19 villages under this mandal and the list is :1 Pattemvandlapalle, 2 Kandukuru, 3 Katnagallu, 4 Jagadamvaripalle, 5 Pulikallu, 6 Kamsalavandlapalle, 7 Rangasamudram, 8 Madumuru, 10 Peddathippasamudram, 11 Thummarakunta, 12 T.sadum, 13 Ananthapuram, 14 Chinnaponguppalle, 15 Amallabandakota, 16 Boorlapalle, 17 Mallela, 18 Sampathikota, 19 Buchipalle

Peddathippasamudram is located at 13.7167°N 78.2000°E. It has an average elevation of 634 meters (2083 feet).

The biggest earth tank in the district named Vysarayasamudram is located near Kandukur Village,in this mandal.

This village is also known as PTM (PeddaThippasaMudram).

This is located near to Madanapalle town and Horseley hills, which is called Andhra ooty. This is approximately 150 km distanct from Bengaluru.