Moola Kona

The Gajapath hill is an ideal spot for picnickers and trekkers, lending its beauty with one of the most visually pleasing waterfalls.  The hill is covered with herbal floral greenery and the water passes through them seems so crystal clear water reaches a small pond through two cascades.

 One coming from the eastern part of the hill opposite to the temple of Goddess Parvathi Devi shrine facing north and the other from the northern part of the hill, just opposite to Lord SangameshwaraSwamy shrine facing east , water from the hill falls into a small pit of about 10 feet deep and reaches the pond and the other cascade passes to the .Lord Jalalingeshwaraswamy along with a nandhi is installed in the middle of the pond on a 7  feted platform .

 Lord Ganesha facing north are also installed here just beside the pond. Purana Say:- This is the sporting place of Alamelumangathayaru daughteror Akasaraju, where Lord Srinivas (in human form ) saw adorable/charming Alamelumangathayaru for the first time and inspired of her beauty  and fallen in love.


Moola kona 3 Moola kona1 Moolakona


How to Reach:

From Putter Moolakona Waterfalls is located at 8 Kms Distance

Nearby Railway Station and Bus Station is Putter.


There is no accommodation is available at water fall. Nearby accommodation is Putter where you can get hotels to stay.