Karvetinagar Mandal

Karvetinagar or Karvetnagar is a village and a Mandal in Chittoor district in the state of Andhra Pradesh in India.

Karvetinagar was a former Zamindar that was most prominent during the Vijayanagar rule. The Bommaraju family traces their origins back to an ancestor who migrated from the Pithapuram area of the Godavari Delta about the 8th or 9th century. One ancestor obtained the favor of the Eastern Chalukya King, Vimala Aditya and Saluva Narasa was appoint the chief of the country around Tirupati, where he founded his capital calledNarayanavanam. The rulers later built their new capital, Nagaram at this place by clearing the forest. The founder of the family Narasa was granted permission by his patron, the Chalukyas, to use the royal seal and boar-signet of the Chalukyas, a proud distinction still kept up.

At one point Saluva Venkatapati was deposed by the Cholas. Saluva Bhima recovered their territory. Saluva Narsimha assisted a Kerala King named Kirti Varman and assumed independence, ruling for 36 years. Saluva Bhujanga was defeated and became a feudal of Western Chalukya king Someswara and taken prisoner to Kalyan where he died. Subsequent descendents recovered the estate and in 1230 AD, a part of the estate was taken over by Raja Raja Chola the second, of the Chola dynasty, but during the next four generations, as the power of the Cholas decayed, the fortunes of the Karvetinagar family rose, and in 1314 A.D The chief stabilized his power by marrying off his daughter to Prolaya Reddi, the first of the Kondavidu Reddy dynasty.[3] The family became feudatories of Vijayanagar, and had marriage alliances with the Saluva and loyalties to the Aravidu Dynasty over the next two hundred years. Around the 16th century the family changed their name to the current Bommaraju, retaining Saluva as a title.