Kalyani Dam

Kalyani Dam, the reservoir of drinking water for pilgrims and residents of Tirumala and Tirupati, stands in middle of the Bakarapeta Forest. The catchment area of the dam is around 48.56 sq Km and the full reservoir level touching to 900 feet.


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This is a favorite picnic spot for locals and visitors. The mesmerizing water reservoir amidst the natural mountains is a rare delight to watch. The water and surroundings tranquility will take any one into contemplation of nature’s wonders and minds inquest about the hidden treasures of natural world.

The drive away to Kalyani dam from Tirupati is covered by green forests on either sides of the highway, one would experience as if the forests were traveling along with you throughout the journey. The walk way to the Kalyani dam would also entice you about the green plantation on the side lines.

The birds around there would invite you on the walkway to the dam, chirping, becoming the only musicians around to give that perfect music that’s very rare to listen in the crowded cities of today. All the while you walk you will be greeted with smiles from some beautiful wild flowers that are yellow, white, red and more colors.

The place offers tranquil beauty and serenity with a wide variety of flora and fauna, which is truly a delight for nature lovers. The drive to the dam itself is a great experience, with green forests on either sides of the highway.

How To Reach:

All in all, for a great drive all the way and to spend a great time, this is a great escape, which is approximately around 18 Km from Tirupati.

Nearest Aritport Renigunta

Nearest Railway Station Tirupati

One could forget clocking the time, watching and lost in this picterseque natural settings.

Useful Information:

Entry is free for all.

Advise: – Please do not make your trip alone.

Plan for your own transport to reach this place.