Is Modi the best Prime Minister India has ever produced?

modiSomeone in an whatsapp group posted following message about Narendra Modi, our Prime Minister. Its a long discussion and debate. I thought of sharing the same with you all.

Shri N.R. Narayana Murthy —

I don’t say Modi is the best pm, but its the first time i watched PM’s speech other than that on 15th august

I don’t say Modi is the best pm, but its th-e first time i know my country is safe

I don’t say Modi is the best pm, but its the first time 20k indians gathered in for a politicians speech on a foreign land

I don’t say Modi is the best pm, but its the first time every NRI is proud

I don’t say Modi is the best pm, but its the first time 80 countries are listening to indian pm

I don’t say Modi is the best pm, but its the first time when pakistan is totaly screwd up and china is scared

I don’t say Modi is the best pm, but its the first time USA knows it not the sole power

I don’t say Modi is the best pm, but its the first time Obama realised, he is not the most famous politician

I don’t say Modi is the best pm, but its the first time INDIA seems a superpower

I don’t say Modi is the best pm, but its the first time The World Knows WHY WE ARE THE WORLDS LARGEST DEMOCRACY

I don’t say Modi is the best pm, but its the first time I know I AM A PROUD INDIAN !!!
Tolerant India #tolerantindia

Narotham Reddy

Anna are you agree with that, may be above are correct, but so many failures are there, matala maraty.

I think he is doing good job as far as maintaining foreign relations which is very crucial in today’s global setup, but we Indians voted him to power to resolve our domestic problems which I am afraid to say he is not up to the mark and neglecting AP issues is one of the most disappointing attitude of him. But still I am willing to give him another 1 year to prove his mettle as after all we gave congress 60 yrs

Narotham Reddy
⁠⁠⁠What about petrol prices, as it reduces crude, what he taken steps for black money, even his minister in bank default ( sujana chiwdary) he is simply be manmohan like mouna swamy. In all major issues he didn’t open his mouth, only speaks in foreign.

I fully accept those grey areas that you have mentioned here, (again that MP belongs to TDP), at least he is not involved and he has no coterie around him like in congress or family members who loot behind the powers of 7 race road. Ours is a very complex political system with a very poor pupil participation in addressing issues concerned to national interest. I think major change should come in people perception about politics and urge to question the polity of this nation. In AP after a week of elections one YSRC MP joined TDP and no one from Nandyal questioned that day light cheating by that MP in a planned manner. Just imagine the people who all voted that MP just came to roads and sat in a Gandhian. manner to protest things would have been different and TDP would not dare to purchase 14 MLA’s recently. We, Indians, in a very peculiar and sensitively placed as far as protecting our democracy. From now on the future of this country depends how we oppose the kind of politics in a collective manner devoid of caste, religion and region.

Narotham Reddy
If they did like that they can have lotty charge, as good PM, why can’t mody ask explanation of sujanas, even what he did in malya issue. He is also turning in to pucca political leader, simply giving promise in election, later remembered the possibilities. OK, no use just we put on message. People are watching calmly and give their opinion on elections.

That’s what I am saying they all belong to one group. To stop this rott change should come from people. There was a old adage “Yatha Raja tatha Praja”. Now it’s other way round, so unless people become honest, socially aware, disciplined and feel we all first Indians things are not going to change. These kind of Modi’s come and show colorful movies with sugar coated words and we end up as fools. I very strongly believe first and foremost people have to change to bring positive change in political & bureaucratic set up of this country. The illiterate is not damaging this country, it is the literate who is doing all the harm and paving a nice platform for the corrupt polity & executive to loot the resources of the nation. If you ask me between British and current rulers of the country who is better, without any hesitation I would say British. They never came to this country to serve this nation, they clearly came to do business. But our current polity, bureaucracy, press and even judiciary say that they are here to serve the people, but in reality how many of them are actually doing that honestly, not many.

That is why we voted to BJP and gave full power. But it became simply waste as modi is interested only in tours to other countries and silent in india

⁠⁠⁠Till yesterday majority were congress, today Modi and tomorrow somebody. This will go on and on. The real challenge lies how can we protect our democracy and shield ourselves from this exploitation

The four noble truths.
1. There is suffering. Suffering is common to all.
2. Cause of suffering. We are the cause of our suffering.
3. End of suffering. Stop doing what causes suffering.
4. Path to end suffering. Everyone can be enlightened. So b positive on us n do good to all.

Its correct but they only the rule makers. They can enhance their salaries w/O any commissions and for the employees they count every thing

In this last 60 plus years so much wealth of this country was looted and stocked in foreign shores by our own people by sucking the blood of fellow Indians. JP of Loksatta, personally told me a number of times, to release India from this current mess, we need to fight 100 times more than our seniors did against British. One advantage they have was their common enemy was British. For us everyone including our own self

More election reforms to come. Recall fecility should be there. Jump jilaneis should be barred from contesting, one should contest from one constituency if resigns he should bare the Bi election expenditure

Absolutely you are right on the button, but who is going to bring these ordinances. Unless people became socially & politically aware and apply pressure as a force this is not going to happen immediately

We by sending mails, messages to EC, PM, and to President of India.

But the crux of the problem is people itself. Like all the institutions people in this country also decided based on caste, religion and region instead of on the basis of ideal political & social reforms, policies and progressiveness.
Yes, that’s the way to move forward in a democracy. Let us discuss, debate and gather people opinions and pressurize the system to function according to the TRUE spirit of constitution
Teachers can play a positive role in creating awareness among young Indians
Sir, our freedom fighters never sat in their homes, colleges and offices when they demanded independence. People of AP should handle it in a more proactive manner
In my opinion just in 3 days people of AP can achieve special status as if its their birth right. For that to happen we need to take the message loud and clear to the masses. But here even literates dont have a opinion or a consensus

What happened to the promise of The PM&FM for getting back the black money fm swiss bank within 15days once they come to power, already 2 yrs passed, we are discussing it once in a blue moon day, that too after so much of debate, one thing what I understood is The PM is also like our CM, they both can’t keep up their words,can manage media & people even educators also
What abt special status to our state which promised by both Cong. BJP & TDP?????

Jagan Mohan Reddy or any responsible citizen can ask all the Amdhrites tomorrow to shut down lights from 8-9 if they want to support for special status. Likewise chalk out innovative program for the next 2 days and see how the govt react
In this way atleast the rulers will realize that not only the opposition party, but the entire people of AP wants special status
If this doesn’t work stop buying govt products and follow noncoperation
If this works well & good, otherwise electricity bill will come down and search for new methods to convince govt.

Better to develop solar

Narotham Reddy
Again there play a vital role caste

Sir, tell me how many people will come forward for the proposal, forget abt that as you rightly said teachers can play positive role, but tell me will all the teacher’s unions, NGO’s unions will involve in this. What happened to the great NGO’s union President Ashok Babu????.