Iron Deficiency





 Iron deficiency anaemia one of the most common chronic haemotologic disorders is found in upto 30% of the world’s population. In asddition , these most susceptible to iron deficiency anaemia are the very young, those on poor diets and women in their reproductive age.

Lewis 7th editition.

Iron deficiency anaemia occurs approximately 20% of adult women, 15% pregnant women, 3% of adult men and 30% preschool children. Iron deficiency can results from inadequate dietary supply impaired absorption increased requirements and loss of blood. Premenopausal women, pregnant women and preschoo children are the target population.

Shafer’s medical and surgical.

Linda S.Williams states that iron deficiency is the most common nutritional deficiency in the world. Individual of greatest risk are the women of child bearing age and young children.

According to wHO estimates the prevalance of nutritional anaemia in india is 76% in preschool children 50% in school children, 15-25% in men, 50-80% in women and 70-90% in pregnant women.

M.C.Gupta (PSM) 3rd edition.

According to national family health survey 1998 the prevalance of anaemia in india is reporter that in urban and rural is 50% and 6o% respectively. Among different types of anaemia iron deficiency anaemia is the most common nutritional disorder (66-80%) in the world as per WHO 2002.

Iron deficiency anaemia is very much prevalent in the tropics particularly among women of child bearing age, especially in the under previleged sectors.

Annamma Jacob, 2nd edition.

The stages of iron deficiency have been described first stage charecterised by decreased storage of iron withput any other defatable abnormalities. (b) an intermediate stages of content iron deficiency that is iron stores are exhausted but anaemia has noy occured as yet. Its recognition depends upon measurement of serum ferrition levels. The percentage saturation of transfering falls from abnormal value of 30% to less than 15%. This stage is that over iron deficiency. When there is decrease is the concentration of circulants haemoglobin due to impaired haemoglobin synthesis. The end result of iron deficiency in nutritional anaemia which is not a disease exrity. It is rather syndrome caused by malnutrition widest severe.

Park text book of preventive and social medicine, 19th edition, published by J.P.Brothers.


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