Iron Deficiency



            Estenate of Iron deficiency anaemia prevalance in Inaia is 76% in preschool children 50-80% in women, 50% in school children. 70.90% in pragnant women, 15.22% in men. There fore of estimation of prevalance of iron deficiency anaemia is more than men and other age group.

According to national family health svrvey in 1998. The prevalance of analemia in rual about 60%  in urban 50% among different types of anaemia  iron defieiency anaemia is the most common nutritional disorders.

According to who, the estimated preavalance of nhutritional anaemia in India is 76% in preschool children in 50% in school children, 15-25% in men, 50-80% in women and 70-90% pregnant women.

The study reveals the illiterate people are unaware of Iron deficiency anaemia primary and secondary education had women have better knowledge comparing to other samples.

According to national family health sruvery 2005-2006. 57.9% pregnant women India have some degree of anaemia.

Dr. Christina D.Monbic, Gynecologyst indian counil of medical research said that good nutrition of the timed protects the health of the mother and also safegaurds of the baby under nonished.

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