Iron Deficiency




Research methodology includes selecting a research approach, design the setting the population inclusion and axclusion criteria for selection of sample sampling technique sample sample size development and description of toll Pilot study data collection and plan to data.

Research approach :

Research design :

The research design used in this study was non descrpitive design wich helps to provide the factual information about the oxisting phenomena.

Setting of the study

The research study was conducted in penumus village situated in 16k, from the chittoor town.

Critesia :

Critesia for selecting this setting availability of subjects feasibility of conducting the study and tamiliarity of the investigator with the settings.


People residing the penumur village in the age group of 15-45 years.


Women in the reproductive aga group that is 15-45 years

Sample size

The sample sizo is 30 :

Criteria for sample selection :

Inclusive eriteria

Women who belong to the reproductive age gropup of 15-45 years

Women who know to the read or understand  the English  or Telugu or tamil.

Exclusive eriteria :

Women who are bellow 15 years and about 45 years

Who has not attines menarche

Who had undergono menopause

Sampling Technique

Non probability convenient sampling technique was used to select the samples. Development and description of the tool.

After extensive revien of literatuse and discussion with the expents and with the investigators pessonal and protessional experience the tool was formulated.

Format of the tool

Section  A : Includes demogphic profile

Section  B : Includes

Content Validity

Content validity was obtained fron exprots in the field of nussing.

Pilot Study :

Pilot study is the trial rehessal for the main study 3 samples were selected for pilot study. Each sample took to minutes to complete the questionnaires.

The study was found  to be feasible and hence the knowledge questiooailes was for the mani study

Reliability of the tool :

The questionnaires was considered to the reliable for proceeding with the main study.



Procedure for data collection :

Apter obtaining formal permission for the community health nusse the questionnaises format was distsibuted amng the sample of  women date was collecte ofter verbal consent form the  sample.

Plant  for  data  analysis

The data obtaines were analysed using both the descriptive statistics.

Descsriptive Statistics :

Frequency and perentage distribution was used to analyze the demoglaphic faotoss and the knowledge level among women reproductive age group.

Mean and standasd deviations was used to analyze the demographic factoss and the knowledge level among women in reproductive age group.

Mean and standuard deviation was used to assess the knowledge level.

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