Iron Deficiency



  1. Ca Sanueva. Regil L.M.Flores. Compuzano M.A. conducted study on “prevalance of iron deficiency anaemia” in the past 66 years among mexicon women an reproductive age and to analyse the efficiency of interventions implemented for its prevention and control. Prevalance tendency was analysed using a linear regression weighted according to the sample size. Forty six researchers studies were included nine corresponded of clinical trails and for tederal operative programme. Seventeen papers reported anaemia prevalance in non pregnant women and twenty three in pregnant women.


  1. European journal of clinical nutrition (2007) in Aug 23, 2006. They had conducted study on prevalance of iron deficiency anaemia among women in reproductive age in Bhakatarpur, nepal sampling size is too haelthy women in reproductive age, a cluster sampling procedure is used. They conducted that only about half of the women with anaemia were also having depleted iron stores, suggesting that other causes of anaemia may be prevalent in this population.


  1. In 2001 september – october cwernavaea published article a study n iron deficiency anaemia in tarahumara women of reproductive age in northern mexico to determine prevalance of iron deficiency anaemia. A cross sectional survey was conducted in representative sample of 48/women aged 12-49 years the study provides relevant information for the development of itervention programme to treat and prevent iron deficiency anaemia in the ethenic group.


  1. Esther Regil Luzmuria de and Fores Campuzano, Mario Fernanda iron deficiency anaemia among mexico women on reproductive age history of an unresolved problem to describe the prevalance of iron deficiency anaemia, observational and clinical epidemological studies as well as fedural intervention programmes published between 1939 and 2005 having original data, it is continuous, it would takes steps to eradicate anaemia in non-pregnant and 21 years in pregnant women.
  2. Nutritional programme “ iron deficiency anaemia programme” work plan 2005. Dr.Reuch Retho IDA co-ordinates december 16-17, 2004, they had conducted study on iron folate supplimentation for pregnant women and post partum mothers to improve knowledge about iron deficiency anaemia and iron folate supplimentation used results of the above study to develop the national policy on IDA prevention and control related to food fortification.


  1. Health Education to prevent anaemia among women of reproductive age in southern india. Health care for women international 2006. Those women who received health education, where they learned from health workers they know and together with participants familiar to them learned more about anaemia prevention than other.


  1. Brooker S. Hertz P.J. bundy DAP 2008 conducted study on pregnant women. Their primary outcome analyse was haemoglobin concentration and their hypothesis was that Hb concentration is associated with the intensity of hookwarm infection, it showed that a benifit of decorming for maternal and child health.


  1. A comparative study was conducted about anaemia among pregnant Women and non pregnant women in the villages fo the south east of caspansea – Gorgun Tron forty eight and 36% non pregnant women were classitied in tow qroups for comparing among 415 women of 18-35 years old were chosen by compound sampling. Than they  found  among

Pregnant women  iron deficiency anaemia is more than non pregnant stast.


  1. In june 2006 the consumes work group of the preconcepation east implementation group called for the gattnling of for  mative research among women of chlid bearing age on health topice.


  1. Ortho Memorial phasmacutical conducts study on beeter understand women ‘s aware ness, Knowledge and attitude to wards topic and topic acid supplimentation consumes pregnant women and multigravida mother educated women have better awareness knowledge about folic acid.


  1. North casolina public health and had done by study on multuvutamin distribution to ensres adequate folic acid consumaption among 24 mostly sural countries of north earolinia with historical high rates of normal tube defects. Education of multivitamin distribution surver completed with 32 women. They found that vitamin use wentfrom 25.5% prior to first free bottle of vitamins to82.4%


  1. Cdc foundation and cdc confuted study of optimal nutrition intitative multivitamins are source of polic alid women between 18-34 with income less than 50.000 who were multivitamin usess or no usess discussion held in four us citics. They found uses are beneficial and not have risk of qetting anaemia.


  1. Csd foundation and cdc conducted study on optimal nutrition initiative multivitamin as a source of police alid samples are femala college students bet ween the ages of 18-24 with pessonal income less than 75000 nquatitative message testing and focrs group discussion in founs eities during september 2006. They eoncluded that femala college students are aware of polic aelid use and income also have vital role in the village multivitamins and polic alid usago.

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