Gurukula Patasalas strength increased to 1534 from 1234 in this year

The schedule  caste pupils were residing in 118 hostels of which 81 boys hostels, 37 girls hostels said Vijayakumar  Joint Director Social Welfare  in a press note here on Tuesday. Similarly he told in the note that S.C pupil studying in the colleges were residing in 32 hostels of which 15 boys hostels and 17 girls hostels. About 1234  pupil in  the  hostels  were  passed  in  the  10th class  examination against 1534 pupils appeared during  this  year.  Government has  taken  up a  decision  to transform  social  welfare hostels into  Gurukula Patasalas  due to   several  facilities.  Accordingly 13 hostels located in rented  buildings  and  15 hostels below  specified strength will  be changed as Gurukula  Patasalas during  the year.  Rs. 13.75 lakhs had been released by  the  government towards giving incentives to  inter caste marriages of which  sum of  Rs. 9.50 Lakhs was  spent  towards  giving  incentives to  19 Inter Caste  couples  said Vijayakumar Joint Director Social Welfare.