Guraam Konda Sri Reddamma


Sri Reddamma Konda (Gurramkonda Reddamma) is a historical place located between Cuddapah and Bangalore highway in Chittoor district

Devotees from madana Palli developed this temple.  Now Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam ( TTD) has undertaken this temple to develop more.    Devotees will show their devotion & grartitude to amma in the form of developing the temple by constructing shelters, giving money for more development  ect.. volunteerly.   And some will give Ornaments to Amma.  Every day Preiests will decorate amma with these ornaments.

Temple History

Ellam Palli is located  besides Chelro Palli which is near to Guraam Konda ( near to Madana Palli town) in Chittor ( Dt)., A.P. India.  300 years back in Yellam Palli  one former was there. His name is Rami Reddy and his wife name is Nagamma.  They were very kind to poor people and always  helps them . They had 2 sons & 1 daughter.  Daughter’s name is our so called amma – Reddamma.  She was very Beautiful. All the people in that village are very affectionate , and had resepects with  little  Reddamma.


Rami Reddy will be very busy with land works and Naggamma will be busy in respecting the guests and helping the poor people.  Our little  Reddamma has no work so she used to go forming lands and stands on the ladder to send away the  birds who makes the land dirty by throwing  stones. In the evening times she helps her mother Nagamma in home maid works.