Generation Gap

On an average, at any point of time in a Joint Family, One can see People of Three Generations (Grand Parents, Parents and Kids).


One would not have observed much difference in the idealogies or thoughts of these three generation people in a family probably some 20 to 30 Years back in Urban Areas and some 10 Years back in Rural Areas. During those days, one will take advice from the Granny’s for any kind of activity, be it, a Spiritual Ritual, Farming, Education, Business… The last generations will respect and go with the advice of Granny’s.

But now, due to the Technology advances, most of the Young generation doesn’t feel the need to reach to their Granny’s. Reason being, they can get what ever information they want at one click or one Phone Call. This is not to blame the Young Generation. Instead, I am trying to address the Problem this Change will have on the Granny’s.

  1. Granny’s feel they are avoided from the Decision Making Process of various Family Activities.
  2. Granny’s feel that they are not respected.
  3. Granny’s feel that they are left alone.

You know, they will get a feeling that they are now not experiencing the Family rapport which they had with their fore-fathers. They feel isolated. Their thoughts always will wander on these things and do you know where it will have an impact? It’s on their Health. Granny’s Health will degrade each passing day. One can observe the loss of Smile on their faces, can observe that they are eager to talk, to share their thoughts with someone who want to listen. But unfortunately, no one in this generation bothers to sit and listen to what they say.

Is this the Life they deserve? Or Does any expect to be in this position? Obviously ‘No’. No one can find fault with either the Young Generation or the Granny’s. I strongly feel that, this problem can be dealt with proper communication/education to both Granny’s and Adults.

Always remember, the Granny’s have experienced many things during the Life of, say around 60 Years. It’s easier for the Younger generation to change and acclimatize to the technology changes than the Granny’s. Do not expect the Granny’s to adapt to the changes quickly. Their Body system doesn’t quickly adapt to the changes than the Body System of Young Generation.

Here are few tips that Granny’s can inculcate in them so that they can lead the rest of their Life Happily.

  1. It’s enough that you took care of your Household activities. Put a full stop to those now. Completely hand over them to your Children.
  2. Do not intevene in any of the decision making process, until and unless your family seek guidance from you.
  3. Do not feel disrepected when things move without your knowledge. Instead, Acknowledge that they are taking care of things without bothering you.
  4. If you are spiritual minded, visit a near by temple both in the Morning and Evening and you can do Chanting. Make it a habit.
  5. Try to talk to people of your age. Share your thoughts with them. Listen to what they say.
  6. With all your experience, you would know, how to keep your Body Healthy. Stick to all your Healthy Activities, so that you are healthy.

Here are few tips to Young Generation:

  1. Make it a habit of talking and listening to your Granny’s atleast one hour a day. Do not think it is waste of time. Always remember you are nothing with out them. During your childhood, they have taught you many things. Now you take a turn to teach them on the ongoing things. At the end of day, you can observe how happy they are.
  2. Go for a walk along with them. You have an advantage here. You will get noticied with his/her friends.
  3. Do not yell at them, if they are slow in their activities. Please remember that they are getting old and their organs doesn’t react as they react to a Young Guy.