English Grammer

  1. He helped those who were in _______of help. [Need, eager, desire]
  2. Radium is very costly _______it is very scarce. [So, as, like]
  3. I have never _______a lion of such size. [Saw, seen, been]
  4. He was dead when I _______him back on his bed. [Lay, lie, laid]
  5. Don Quixote stood thinking for a _______moments.[few, little, some]
  6. The prisoner was released on_______[bale, bail, bell]
  7. Streams of blood _______on either side of the warring groups [flew, flowed, fled]
  8. Milk has turned _______it is not good [sore, sour, soar]
  9. When we reached the village, we heard and strange_______[tail, tale, tail]
  10. The discovered box was glowing in the dark because it _______some of the rays of Radium
[ Had absorbed, absorbed, has absorbed]
  1. Do not come _______ that five ‘o’clock [later, later, late]
  2. Columbus _______ America [invented, discovered, founded]

13 .You should not ________your time [waist, waste, west]

  1. He lives on the second_______ [flour, floor, flora]
  2. He is a _______by profession [liar, lawyer, layer]
  3. The student _______to answer the questions [refused, rejected, revealed]
  4. The ice melted in the _______ of the questions [flame, absence, warmth]
  5. Radhika is a _______young lady [fairly, beauty, beautiful]
  6. Children as very _______by nature [coercive, cursive, curious]
  7. A large______ students turned out for theprogram [attendance, number, scale]
  8. Our team won the game _______by nature [easily, hardly, well]
  9. We will _______you about the celebration [inspire, inform, invite]
  10. Nehru was a great peace _______[ broken, maker, doer]
  11. _______a beauty full scenery this is! [ Which, how, what]
  12. Gopal wants to boy a_______ car [new, knew.new]
  13. You are _______by ten minutes [delay, late, behind]
  14. Smoking is injurious______health [for, on, to]
  15. We are _______your decision [awaiting, waiting, wait]
  16. I have some other coats ______this [beside, besides, before]
  17. He is the _______of the these sons [oldest eldest older]
  18. Radha has _______hair [gold golden glow]
  19. I am very hungry, I want to eat _______[anything,something,nothing]
  20. I got the first _______in essay writing competition
  21. Chamali was in charge of a gang _______ all men in the gang loving [And, but, because]
  1. Chamali was one of the ______ hardworking men [much, most, more]
  2. Latha_______melodiously. [Sings, sing, singing]
  3. A boy dropped the glass the glass is _______[broke, broken, breaking]
  4. Gopal has a ________house [large, biggest, largest]
  5. We love _______ honour our parents [and, are, but]
  6. They sat _______a tree [below, under, down]
  7. The news is good to be true [to, too, two]
  8. He did not come to schooll _______he was suffering from fever [but, because, so]
  9. She sings ______ [delightful, delightfully, delight]
  10. Have you brought _______mangoes [any, a few, some]
  11. Vimal _______ kamala [love, loving, loves]
  12. The ring is made ______ goal [of, by, Wight]
  13. Geetha is not intelligent_______ hardworking [nor, or, but also]
  14. He is________ honest man [an, a, the]
  15. The sun rise _______ the east [in, on, thought]
  16. The box is_______ have for me to life [to, so, too]
  17. Is there any slice ______the bag? [How, how much, that]
  18. I don’t know_______fees I have to pay [into, on, in]
  19. They continued the game _______it began to rain [into, on, in]

54._______present can I give you from prison [what, which, how]

  1. If I ______you, I should meet a doctor [was, were, are]
  2. He kept us _______ [wait waited, waiting]
  3. We know that he is_______ but the judge declared him guilt because of the evidence [innocent, intelligent, ignorant]
  4. The boy will be_____ all right in day or two, said the doctor [quiet, quite, sure]
  5. All his servants _______ the thief touched the donkey’s tail [except, expect, accepts]
  6. Yourson is slowly _______in mathematics [increasing, developing, improving]
  7. This is my book and that and _______ [you, yours, your]
  8. The mango was so sweet that he asked for _______ [one, none, another]
  9. The computer is not a substitute for human brain ______ a support [and, so, but]
  10. I was then only 22,_______had read most of his writings of it [and, so, yet]
  11. _______a week, I met him again [after, when, before]
  12. We watched on________ the teams were playing [when, while, so]
  13. I am not afraid of playing ________ I am a little week. [As, though, because]
  14. Cats sleep _______ day and move about at night [in, during, at]
  15. The minister was accompanied _______the district collector [with, by, along]
  16. There is no exception_________this rule [for, to, about]
  17. The lady mistook mr.caton________ Mr.darney [for, as, with]
  18. He is a kind _______ hospital person [and, but, or]
  19. Our village _______with the city by road [connect, connected, is connected]
  20. You can not go home _______you finish the work [until, after, while]
  21. China is_______ largest populated country in the world [a, an, the]
  22. We______ in this house for the last ten years. [Lived, have been living, are living]
  23. Radium is very costly _______it is very scarce [so, because, through]
  24. Last night I went to a cinema with _______ friends of mine [few, a few, any]
  25. _______ he is poor, he is honest [thought, since, because]
  26. You now _______ I dislike sermonizing [what, how as]
  27. She will be pleased when she _______ this news [hears, will hear, have hear]
  28. My brother _______ the SSC examinations in 19193[has passed, passed, was passed]
  29. The sheik was dignified, his donkey was dignified ________[either, neighter, too]
  30. The caravan will not _______ this comp today [live, leave, leaving]
  31. I found _______ all the eighty gold pieces were in the bag [which, that, them]
  32. Don’t forget to _______the address on the envelop [right, write, inform]
  33. Gold is very costly because it is _______ [shining, useful scarce]
  34. The teacher _______ the students to do their work quickly [tells, says, requests]
  35. Princeashoka was an _______to the throne of Magadha [heir, air, hair]
  36. The boys work _______and earn money to pay their sister’s medical bills[Heard, hardly, rarely]
  1. In Indian we use computers to a _______ extent [maximum, minimum, large]
  2. He_______ fire to cook his food [made, harnessed, improved]
  3. The defective eyesight prevented him ________ enjoying ordinary [from, to for]
  4. The head master _______ the district educational officer at the gate [praised, received, honored]
  5. He _______ my invitation for a dinner [agree, took, accepted]
  6. Keep_______ the live electric wires because they are dangerous [on, off, of]
  7. I am unable to hear want you say. I am ________ [dumb, deaf, weak]
  8. His leg is injured. He is _______ [jumping, limping, hopping]
  9. I _______ you on your success [thank, congratulate, compliment]
  10. The Ganga is the ________ river in India [long, longer, longest]

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