Cowards Die a Thousand Times

12 Cowards Die a Thousand Times

“The Time Calls You Now…!”
-Author by :D. Ramachandra Raju.”
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“A coward dies thousand times But a valiant once” – Shakespeare Julius Caesar, the Roman King. It is after him that the month of July was named. Caesar is the Roman emperor. His wife, who had a nightmare of tigers prowling on main streets and ghosts dancing wildly on the streets, asks him not to go to the senate. Caesar paid no heed and recited the above couplet. Some women are worried over the well-being of their spouses who are away in their offices or are driving their vehicles. They remain worried till the spouse returns. Some parents stop their wards from driving a motor bike as they are afraid that it could lead to accidents. Whatever happens will happen. One cannot ward of problems merely by thinking over them. What one needs to do is to teach the wards traffic safety and rules of the road . This helps create a favourable atmosphere. If you have doubts talk to your husband. He shall explain to you the precautions being taken by him to ward off mishaps. Some people are worried about health. They can remove their worries by talking it out with the doctors. We know that YSR the Chief Minister of AP who was died in a helicapters mishap used to have a total body checkup every Sankranthi. Some persons are afraid of business losses. They are worried that the workers may strike work or that their partners might ditch him. Many more feel defeated even before the struggle begins. Some feel they would fail even before they take the examination.
All one needs to do is take some precautions and limit the losses. One’s thinking should be firm. This reduces tensions. Some others are afraid of death. They want to keep death at bay. They believe they shall live forever. But the best way to keep sorrow at bay is to accept that death is inevitable. Vedanta says an inauspicious thing could very well be the seed for an auspicious thing. Once my brother came to me. He appeared very dejected and depressed. “I may never complete the house.” “Why? Don’t you have enough money?” “I do have. But, I think I may never finish the construction. My wife nags me saying I can never finish the construction. She says I cannot get the works done. The labourers do not come for work because the wages are low. The contractor is delaying the work,” He was about to burst into tears. I then asked him: “Do you remember that you are an award-winning teacher? You are the best teacher in the mandal. Many parents vouch for it. You had donated books and slates to students. Your colleagues envy you.” I realised that my brother regained some lost confidence.
“Give higher wages to the workers. You don’t lose much. The loss due to stalling the work is higher than this. A lot of constructions overshoot timelines. But, the work never stops. As a best teacher awardee, you should not stop the work.” I continued: “Give it another try. If you still think that you that will fail, I will take up the responsibility and complete it.” My reminding him of his capabilities had a salutary effect on my brother. He never ever talked about it. “Most of the Indians live Either in illusions or in the past.
But, my life is concentrated only in the present work which I am doing,” said the Great Indian Master. Several people live in illusion. They are worried about imaginary things and ruminate over things quite unnecessarily.
The antidote all these is nothing but continuing your work. When you are down and feel low, make yourselves busy in work. Once upon a time, Lord Buddha was sitting with some of his people on a village choupal. A drunkard came that way and on seeing Buddha, became wild. “You are ruining the society. You are turning young people away from family duties,” shouted the drunkard. He even spat at Lord Buddha. Buddha did not say a thing. He simply wiped it and went away. have used my muscle power against you. But, you cannot make a river of peace burn by a fire of anger,” he said.
The mature one is not perturbed by criticism. He takes them in his stride and laughs them off. I am repeatedly quoting Buddha because he is a great scientist who discovered the reason for the travails in the world. Did Socrates shout at the judge who handed out a death sentence to him? Was he crest-fallen? Gandhi was arrested several times. Did he ever blame anyone for his incarceration? We have seen a shoe being hurled at Union Minister Chidambaram a few years ago. Was it Chidambaram’s fault or the fault of the person who hurled the shoe? The youth may have hurled a shoe, but it will pain you only when you allow it to pain you. You need not respond if you feel you have nothing to do with the act. Some persons deliberately attack you in order to weaken you. If you react to it, it only means your enemy has achieved his objective. “ How you pro-act tells your capability How you react tells your character.” General Manikshaw, once the field marshal of India says:
Even when you are mortally afraid, do not show it.
Nobody respects you when they know that you are afraid. Some people are afraid that their officer may yell at them, that their teacher may beat them, or that husband may chide them or that the neighbour may pass snide comments at them. “ Expect the least consequence you are going to face”, says Dale Carnegie. When you are afraid of talking to an officer, the panacea is to talk to him alone. Be prepared to hear invectives and be ready to face him. If you are sure you don’t deserve the invectives, then those words are not meant for you.
“ There will be no sorrow if you face up to the task,” says Budha. Reject insult Budha used to go begging for food. He would call thrice and if no food is offered, he would move on to the next house. One day when he called out for the first time, the house owner shouted at him: “Why do you beg. You are able bodied and can earn by working.” Buddha said nothing and called out a second time. The house owner barked at him with even greater force. Buddha did not reply and called out the third time. It was the same story. Without waiting any further, Buddha moved towards another house. The house owner was livid. “Why do you not respond even when I am shouting at you?”
“What did I ask and what did you say?”
“You asked for alms and I refused.”
“What if I reject your alms?”
“I would take back my offering.”
“When I asked for alms, you hurled invectives at me. I have not accepted them. You keep your invectives with you,” said Buddha slowly but firmly The house owner realised who Buddha was and fell silent. Abhimanyu was faced with a challenge. He had to break into the padmavyuva of Kauravas. After Arjuna, only Abhimanyu was capable of doing it. What did he do? Did he face up or run away? Had he fled, he would have ended up with eternal ignominy. But, he fought his way into the formation and displayed exemplary valour. If you do no exhibit courage in the face of a challenge, then you are a coward and nobody respects you.
The cowards die a thousand times. Life is but a battle. If you do not fight this battle, you end up with enemies like criticism, fear and cowardliness advancing at you. So, will you die a thousand times like a coward? Or will you die but once like the valiant. “You have nothing to lose except your shackles,” says Karl Marx.
Those who do not have courage live the life of a slave. You could have questioned your officer for shouting at you for no reason. If you fightback, you lose nothing. Respect for you goes up among your colleagues. If you give in, then it only means that you are not courageous and that you are not confident about yourselves. When you want to say No Don’t say Yes. Many people blame others for their plight. They claim that they were done in as they heeded to wrong advice. If you are not strong-willed, you will have to face insults.
These days those arrested by the CBI claim innocence and say that they had done whatever they had done under duress.‘ I had to sign unwillingly,’ they would say. But, should you sign without being convinced yourselves? Should you acquiesce to pressure? Why did you not resist? As long as the people are willing to be duped, there would be people who would dupe. Are you so somnolent that you are ready to be duped by others? The safe people say listen to all advice, but take your own decision because you have to face the consequence of your decision. King Sarvagna Bhupala Simha invites poet Pothana who wrote Bhagavatha in Telugu and felicitates him. He requests Pothana to dedicate his magnum opus Bhagavatha to him. Pothana flatly refuses. The king offers him several allurements, but Pothana refuses to budge.

The king threatens to jail him. Pothana says: “I would rather take to farming than dedicating these writings to you. They are dedicated to the God.” That was his faith in God. Long time ago, A Roman youth lived a life of a slave in a lime stone quarry. A trader bought him and gives him good food. Soon, the youth becomes a well-chiselled gladiator wellversed in all martial art forms. The trader used to make him fight in the collosium and earn money. He became a big name in gladiatorial fights.
Then the traders held a gladiator fight event where fightto-finish blood sport was organised. This youth defeated many and finally faced the formidable Gall Crickson. They fought fiercely and violently. Cricson was defeated. He was felled on the ground and the youth had a sword in his hand.
“Kill Him ………. Kill him…. ” The shouts rent the air.
“Kill me….” begged a defeated Crickson.
“No… kill me if you want” the youth replied.
Both stood facing each other. Both refused to kill each other. Then the youth rent a huge war cry and hurled the weapon at the trader, who organised the contest. Everyone was shocked. The trader lay lifeless on the ground and the mortified people ran helter skelter. Both the youth and Crickson led other slaves to revolt. They liberated countless slaves. That youth is none other than Spartacus. Soon his army grows to 1.20 lakh and he makes the Roman kingdom tremble with fear. This is no fairy tale. This is pre-Christian history. Spartacus is the ideal for all fighters even today. His story is still history for mankind. If you do not fight when you have to fight, you are no more than a mere pest. If you do not display courage when you have to, then your life is a mere waste. “ It is not what happens to you But, how you react to it that matters.” Epictelus 55-135 BC Greek philosopher

Are you a hero or zero

The world belongs to the valorous.
Warriors ruled the roost here.
World history is in fact the history of the valiant and the heroes.
Nobody consoles the wailing and weeping souls.
The people follow the footsteps of the valiant.
No one wants to even talk to a coward.
Life is a war.
You need courage to talk to even your lover or any other.
If you bow your head, you get to see only your feet.
If you stand erect and upright, the world looks towards you.