50 Temples of Chittoor District & their Architecture

Chittoor District is studded with temples, rich in Variety and splender. The temples surveyed and documented are described here systematically from the historical and architectural point of View.

Distribution Of Temples in Chittoor District

S.No Name of the Site Name of the Temple Date of the temple
1 Tirumala Sri Venkatesvara temple c.10th century A.D.
2 Srikalahasti Sri Kalahastisvara temple 10th century A.D.
3 Mogili Mogilisvara temple 10th century A.D.
4 Kattamanchi Kulandisvara temple 10th century A.D.
5 Kattamanchi Kodandaramaswamy temple 10th century A.D.
6 Kalavagunta Mukkantisvara temple 10th century A.D.
7 Bokkisampalem Kodandaramesvara temple 10th century A.D.
8 Kalakada Pallisvaram Udaiya Mahadeva temple 10th century A.D.
9 Jogimallavaram Parasaresvara temple 10th century A.D.
10 Puthalapattu Varadarajaswamy temple c. 10th century A.D.
11 Bugga Agraharam Kasivisvesvara temple 10th century A.D.
12 Ramagiri Valesvara temple 10th century A.D.
13 Surutupalli Pallikondesvara temple 10th century A.D.
14 Gattu Ranganatha temple 10th century A.D.
15 Tondamanadu Perumallaswamy temple 10th century A.D.
16 Damorapakam Madhavaswamy temple 10th century A.D.
17 Laddigam Nilakantesvara temple 11th century A.D.
18 Yatavakili Chandramoulisvara temple 11th century A.D.
19 Kapiltirtam Kapilesvara temple 11th century A.D.
20 Vavilthota Varadaraja temple 11th century A.D.
21 Vavilthota Agastyesvara temple 11th century A.D.
22 Kongudi Kalikamba temple 11th century A.D.
23 Srikalahasti Nilakantesvara temple 12th century A.D.
24 Srikalahasti Kasivisvesvara temple 12th century A.D.
25 Vizalapuram Venugopala temple 12th century A.D.
26 Gudimallam Parasuramesvara temple c.12th century A.D.
27 Kanipakkam Manikantesvara temple 12th century A.D.
28 Kanipakkam Kanipakkam 12th century A.D.
29 Kanipakkam Varadaraja temple 12th century A.D.
30 Tirupati Govindaraja temple 12th century A.D.
31 Yadamari Kodandaramaswamy temple 13th century A.D.
32 Tiruchanoor Krishna temple 13th century A.D.
33 Kalikiri Yellamma temle 13th century A.D.
34 Kangudi Venugopala temple 14th century A.D.
35 Mogili Venkatagiri Kodandaramaswamy temple 14th century A.D.
36 Yadamari Varadarajaswamy temple 14th century A.D.
37 Somapalyem Chennakesava temple c.14th century A.D.
38 Kangudi Virupakshasvamy temple 15th century A.D.
39 Kangudi Hanuman temple 15th century A.D.
40 Sarakallu Veeranjaneya svamy temple 15th century A.D.
41 Tirupati Kodandaramaswamy temple 15th century A.D.
42 Mangapuram Kalyana Venkatesvara temple 15th century A.D.
43 Polakala Lakshmi Narasimha svamy temple 15th century A.D.
44 Putalapattu Bhimesvara temple 16th century A.D.
45 Narayanavanam Kalyana Venkatesvara temple 16th century A.D.
46 Nagalapuram Vedanarayana temple 16th century A.D.
47 Eguvaveedhi Tondamanadu Perumallaswamy temple 16th century A.D.
48 Chandragiri Kodandaramaswamy temple 16th century A.D.
49 Tiruchanoor Varadaraja temple 16th century A.D.
50 Tiruchanoor Padmavathi temple 16th century A.D.


Distribution of Forts in Chittoor District:-

1 Chandragiri Rajamahal, Ranimahal Medieval Period
2 Kangudi

Medieval Period
3 Chittoor

Medieval Period
4 Venkatagirikota

Medieval Period
5 Gurramkonda Rangini Mahal Medieval Period
6 Karvetinagaram

Medieval Period
7 Other Forts

Medieval Period