Chittoor Mandal

Chittoor is a city, a corporation and district head quarters located in the Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh, India. It is located on the NH 4 linking the two major metropolitan cities of India, Bangalore and Chennai. The City has a population of 3,20,567 (2011 census).The Nearest Airports are Bangalore, Chennai and Tirupati.

Chittoor City lies on the banks of Ponnai River at the southernmost part of Andhra Pradeshstate. The Chittoor district (Area 15,359 km², population 4,170,468–2011 census) is bound by Anantapur District to the northwest, Cuddapah District to the north, Nellore District to the northeast, Vellore & Tiruvallur districts of Tamil Nadu state to the south, and Karnataka state to the southwest. The city is strategically located at the junction of national highway 4 and national highway 18 between Bangalore-Chennai cities. This district is known for world famous Tirupati temple and also another famous Kanipakam Vinayaka Temple is located at a distance of 12 km from the City. Chittoor City’s culture is the mix of Telugu Andhra Pradesh and Tamilian Tamil Nadu cultures as this City lies in a tri-state junction.

Telugu is the official and principal language of the city, Tamil is chiefly spoken, about 50% of Chittorians know Tamil.The City has a population of 3,20,567 (2011 census). As The City is expanding at a rapid rate. Chittoor City has a sex ratio of 1000:1002 as compared to a ratio of 1000:992 in the state, as of 2011 census.[3] The literacy rate of the City is 90.60%. Chittoor was upgraded as municipal corporation in 2011.