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    CURRENT ELECTRICITY 1. Static Electricity:- The study of electric charges at rest is called static electricity. 2. Current Electricity:- The study of various effects of electrical charges in motion is called current electricity. 3. Current:- The net charge flowing through a cross-section of a conductor in unit time is called current. Note:- Current is measured […]

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    MAGNETIC PROPERTIES OF MATERIALS 1. Magnetic Properties:- The important magnetic properties of a magnet are: 1. Magnetic Permeability. 2. Magnetic Susceptibility. 2. Intensity of Magnetisation (I):- The magnetic moment acquired by a substance per unit volume is defined as intensity of magnetisation. 3. Magnetic Susceptibility:- Magnetic susceptibility of a substance is defined as the ratio […]

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  • Active Server Pages and IIS Application

    Active Server Pages and IIS Application What is Web Server Web server is a simple application that sends the requested html document to web browser. When a request is received from an application (generally web browser), Web server will read the content of the named file and send the content to the requesting application.  One […]

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    MAGNETISM 1. Magnetic substances:- The substances that are attracted by a magnet are called magnetic substances. Magnetic substances can be made into magnets. Examples:- Iron(Fe),Cobalt(Co), Nickel(Ni), etc.,. 2. Non-Magnetic substances:- The substances that are not attracted by a magnet are called ‘Non-Magnetic substances’. Non-Magnetic substances cannot be made into magnets. Examples:- Plastic, wood, brass, paper, […]

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  • DHTML Application

    DHTML Application DHTML (Dynamic HTML) is a new concept introduced by Microsoft, where developers can dynamically change style and attributes of elements in HTML page after the page is loaded. Dynamic HTML allows you to break HTML page into various elements and program individual elements. That means you can treat a line of text as […]

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