• Mukkantisvara temple, Kalavagunta

    The Mukkantisvara temple, an elegant edifice is located in Kalavagunta, a small village 8 k.m. away from Chittoor. The ten inscriptions found in this temple belong to Vijayanagara period. The village is referred to in these inscriptions as Kalavay, Kalavaykuttai and the god as Mukkanar and Mukkantesvara-mudaiya-nayar. The temple is surrounded by a prakara pierced […]

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  • Srikalahastisavara temple, Sri Kalahasthi

    Sri Kalahasti is one and a half mile from Srikalahasti railway station on Renigunta – Gudur section. The river Svarnamukhi flows on one side of the town. The main temple here is that of Sri Kalahastisvara. The Telugu poet Dhurjati has praised the place, the lord and the river in ‘Kalahasti Mahathyam’. The derivation of […]

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  • Sri Venkatesvara temple, Tirumala

    Tirumala is located on the Seven Hill of the lord of the seven hills. The temple of Lord Venkatesvara is located here. Sastras, Puranas and Sthalamahathyms unequivocally praise the sacred place and hold that in the age of Kali one can attain mukthi (salvation) only through worshipping this Lord Venkatesvara on this hill. Covering an […]

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  • Kulandisvara temple, Kattamanchi

    The Kulandisvara temple is located in Kattimanchi, a suburb of Chittoor town on the Chittoor-Tirupati road. The temple has no epigraphs. The temple resembles in all respects the Mukkantisvara temple at Kalavagunta which is characteristic of the early Chola period. The temple is inside a walled enclosure with an entrance in the south surmounted by […]

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  • Agastyesvara temple, Yatavakili (Irugisvaram-udaiya-Mahadevar)

    The Chandramoulisvara temple at Yatavakili is in Punganur area. An inscription of Rajendra I (A.D.1033-34) engraved on the base of the temple refers to its construction by a Vellala. Another inscription of Rajaraja III (A.D.1244-45) engraved on the walls of the temple refers to the renovation of this temple by Selvaganga, a descendant of Kumbhan-gamundan […]

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