Buchi Naidu Kandriga Mandal

Buchi Naidu Kandriga is a small village in Puttur Mandal of Chittoor district in the state of Andhra Pradesh inIndia.

The word Buchi is from name of the founder of the village. Naming villages based on founder’s name is common in those times. The word ‘Kandriga’ as a suffix is unique to villages around Puttur, Nagiri, NaiduPeta, Kalahastri areas. It is not clear why ‘Kandriga’ suffix was in vogue in these parts compared to suffixes such as ‘Puram, ‘Kuppam’, ‘Palli’, ‘Palem’, ‘Ooru’, ‘Mangalam’ that were more common in coastal Andhra as well as in other parts of Chittor, Nellore districts.

BuchiNaidu Kandriga is near Puttur which is located at 13.45°N 79.55°E.[2] with an average elevation of 144 metres (472 feet).
It is situated on the way from Tirupati to Chennai. It is about 35 km from Tirupathi, 110 km from Chennai, and 10 kilometres from Andhra Pradesh’s border with Tamil Nadu.