Basic Precautionary Measures to avoid fever for your child


Basic Precautionary Measures to avoid fever:

  • Keep your Baby Healthy and Clean. Bath your baby twice in a day with Warm Water.
  • Keep an eye on your baby 24 Hours a day. Like, what activities the baby is involved in, what food the baby shows interest in.
  • Ensure that no one kisses the baby. Kissing a baby is a main cause of infection.
  • Talk to your baby all the time. Play with the Baby. Baby will feel very Happy with these activities.
  • Take a note of the Baby’s Sleeping time, how many times the Baby Urinates, how many times the baby passes Stool.
  • Ensure that all Vaccinations are given to the Baby on time.
  • Have a Thermometer at Home to measure the temperature.

 What if a Child gets fever?

  1. If the Temperature crosses 100 F, then Cold Spun the Body. Should not wet the Leg Palms, Hand Palms and the Chest parts in a Body.

Cold Spun: Take normal water in a bowl and dip a clean cloth in the water and then wet the Body.

  1. Have some Paracetomal Syrup at Home. Like Baby Gesic.
  2. Consult a known Pediatrician or a Known Hospital. Ensure that you ask below questions to the Pediatrician.
  3. a) What kind of Fever it is?
  4. b) How the Baby is affected?
  5. c) What kind of anti-biotics is given to a baby? What are the implications of the antibiotics?
  6. If the temperature stays for more than three days, then ask your Pediatrician if Urine and Blood tests are to be Conducted.