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Menstruation is a phenomenon unlque to the female it is clear from the study findings.  Sympathetic and carefull handling of the goung girls experencing first menstruation is directly proportional to the health of the adolescents girls.

Early adolesance, the ages from twelre through sixteeen, is marked by two major changes in most teenagers lives. Pubertal maturation and the transition fomelementary to high school.  Both processes have profound and Often stressfull effect on the adolescent’s enriomment and personality in general (Hamburg, 1974).  The biologic markes of early adolescence is puberty, defined as the developmental phase of physical maturation of full reproductive Capacity.

The  Subject of menstruation is surrounded by superstitions, taboos, follelore and feelling of shane, embarassement and resentments.  The menstruating women is Considered unclean, and is not allowed to take part in normal daily activities in some communities

In addition to the subject menstruation, pubertal by greine is rarely discussed at home or in schools in most parts of world.  This problem is observed particularly in traditional and poorly educated families, which could be mainly due to cultural restrications, preventing sufficient information from reaching young girls. The combination of traditional culture and negative attitudes of school officials has had a strond impact on the discussion of the lack of sex education and related issues for youngsters in school, in the mass media, and wihtin the families, especially in the rural areas.

This has prevented the flow of aceurate and sufficient information regarding pubertal by grenie and care which has often led to supersitious perecptions and beliefs about care during menstruation and menstrual by greine in the rural areas.


Menstruation is a normal Physiological Process.  It is not something that in noxious,  but rathera manifestation of womanhood. Only some of the girls are known about this point.

Pourselami Ostai (2002) Conducted a study on attitudes of female adolescent about dysmenorrhoea and menstrual hygine in Tehran Suburbs shows that 77% of subjects claimed that they had adequates knowledge of dysmenorihoea but only 30% of these practiced personal by grenie. Such as taking a both and used hygienice material.  About 33% of these subjects, avoided any physical activity or even mild excereise during menstrued period

Keeping this view, the investigator was interested to do a study on knowledge level regarding care during menstration among adolescent girls.


A descriptive study to asses the knowledge regarding the care during menstruation among adolescents girls residing at penumur village


To assess the knowledge regarding the care during menstruation among adolescent girls


Knowlege : Information know by the samples regarding the care during menstruation

Adolescent girl: The period between puberty and the completion of physical growth, roughtly from 11 to 19 years of age.

Perberty: The period during which the secondary sex charactersies begin to develop and the capability of sexual reproducation is attained.

Menstrual Care: The care that shcould be taken by the women during their menstrual period.


Adolesent girls may hare some knowledge regarding the care during menstruation


Sample size was 30

Period of Study was 1 week.


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