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                                    The aim of thepresent study was to assess the knowledge level regarding the care during menstruation.  A total of 30 adolescent girls were selected from penumur village.  Assessment of knowledge level done by using maltiple choice questions.

The objective was to assess the knowledge level regarding the care during menstruation.

Table III. reveals that,  the mean of knowledgelevel regarding the care during menstruation was 11.3 with standard deviation of 2.69.  From the Table II, regarding the Knowledge level on care during menstruation 8 (26.7%) had in adequate knowledge, 16(53.3%) had moderate knowledge, 6(20%) had adequate knowledge. H was found that the major portion of adolecent girls have moderate knowledge regarding the care during menstration.


Pourselami, Osati – Asbtiani F (2002) Conducted a descriptive study in order to identify the Attitudes of femal adolescent about dysmenorrhoea and menstrual hygrine. 250 students were participaled in the study finding revealed that 77% of subjected claimed that they had adequate knowledge of dysmenorrhea but only 30% of these practiced personal bygreine.

A  Das gupta, M Sarkar (2008)Conducted a descriptive study on menstrual hygienc.  How hygienc is the adolscent girls?. 160 Students were participated in the study. Findings revealed that 108 girls were  about menstruation prior to attainment of menarche.  Mother was the first information regarding menstruation in case of 60(37.5%) girls.  One hundred and thirty- eight (86.25%) girls believed it as a physiological process.  Seventy –eight (48.75%) girls know the use of sanitary pad during menstruction.  Regarding practies only 18(11.25%) girls used sanitary pads during menstruction.

This reviews shows that majority of adolescent girls were unaware about personal hygienc and practies proper education has to be provided to adolescent girls to imrove this knowledge and knowledge and inplement the knowledge level is this daily practices

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