Aragonda Anjaneya Swamy Temple

According to legend, during Tretayuga, Hanuman brought Sanjeeva Parvatham so as to save lots of Lakshmana during a war once Lakshmana fell unconscious. Throughout the journey, 1/2 Sanjeeva Parvatham fell, and also the place wherever it landed came is thought as Aragonda. Aragonda, at the start is named as Aragonda (In Telugu language, “Ara” (sounds A’raw) means ‘Half’ and “Konda” (sounds Kon’Da) suggests that Hill or Mountain).


With the time, the individuals modified their method of announcing this word “Arakonda” as “Aragonda” that is currently the name of the village under this hill. This hill is known with name “Ardhagiri” (Ardha means that half and Ge’ree suggests that mountain). In Ardhagiri, it’s believed that Sanjeevaraya Pushkarini (pond containing the holy water) ne’er gets dried nor spoiled, even once unbroken for long periods of your time. Once devotees drink this theerham (or holy water) from the Sanjeevaraya Pushkarini, all kinds of diseases have gotten cured.

Mr. Aragonda Ashok Reddy, Chairman of the on top of Ardhagiri Shree Veeranganeya Swamy Temple, is managing in additional development and improvement of this ancient Aragonda Anjaneya Swamy Temple .

Every day, regarding 3-5 thousand devotees visit this Aragonda Anjaneya Swamy Temple  and each month on the Pournami day, about 30,000 devotees return to the temple and keep their long.

This famous Aragonda Anjaneya Swamy Temple that draws devotees from so much and wide contains a legend. Ramayana is one amongst the celebrated epics of India. it’s believed that Sita, wife of Lord Rama was kidnapped by the mighty Ravana, the Demon King, and unbroken as a unfortunate at Lanka (now Srilanka), the island kingdom of Ravana. Rama with the assistance of monkeys waged a war and killed Ravana to induce back Sita. During the battle Lakshmana, younger brother of Rama was battling with Ravana. He became unconscious once one amongst the arrows of Ravana hit him. Therefore the medical man needed a herb referred to as “Sanjeevani” to resurrect Lakshmana



This herb was available in the mountainous regions of the Himalaya Mountains that were far-flung from the Lanka. Hanuman or the monkey God, WHO may fly long distances in no time and WHO had vast strength and intelligence was deputed to bring the herb, however before sunrise. Hanuman visited the Himalaya Mountains in no time. However he couldn’t differentiate between the assorted herbs and plants offered. Therefore He simply plucked the whole mountain and carried back to the place wherever Lakshmana was lying unconscious.


During this journey, it’s believed that a chunk of rock from the mountain fell into the tank. Since a chunk of mountain fell here it got its name of Ardhagiri or Arakonda. The putting feature of the moolavigraha (Main deity) is that it faces towards north that may be a rarity. The primary says of the sun; fall on the feet of the Lord. Bit by bit the sunrays disappear once reaching the top of the lord. It’s additionally believed that the ardent devotees and staunch believers will even hear the ‘Omkara Nada’ (Chanting of Om) at nighttime amidst silence. It’s deemed that Lord Anjaneya stays to safeguard Lord Lakshmi Narayana as he dwells there.


Ardhagiri (a famous Lord Anjaneya Swamy Temple) is close to the village. Also, has temples viz., Shiva Temple, Sri Rama Temple, Chinna Gudi (Vinayaka Swamy, Subramanya Swamy, Ayyappa Swamy, Nava grahamulu, nelli chettu, Naga devatha), satyamma, nagula raallu, church, masjid and additional.