alivelu mangapuram

Sri Padhmavathi Ammavaru, also known as Alamelumanga or Alarmelmanga is the Divine Consort of Lord SrI Venkateshwara Swamy. Her temple is situated at Thiruchanoor, also popularly known as Alamelumangapuram is a suburb of Tirupathi. Tradition dictates that every piligram to Tirupati should have Her darshan first and then proceed to Tirumala.



The name Padhmavathi denotes “She Who emerged from Lotus”. As mentioned in the Sthalapuranam, She emerged from the lotus in Padhma pushkarini on Panchami tithi in Karthika masam. She is none other than Vedavathi who was in the form of Sita in Ravana’s captivity.

It so happened, When Ravana & Mareecha used the golden deer trick, Lakshmana had to leave the hut to assist Rama on Sita devi’s insist. Lakshmana then took a arrow and drew a line on the ground chanting Agni Mantra. Any evil personality which tries to cross it would be burnt to ashes. This in history is known as Lakshmna Rekha. When Ravana tried to kidnap Sita, in between the Blaze of the fire, Agni – The fire god, exchanged the look alike Vedavathi and took Sita devi with him. Sita devi was with Agni as a Daughter would be in her native.

After the War with Ravana, when Lord Rama who knew all these, said to Lakshmana to prepare for Agni Pareeksha. All were stunned, but they did since it was Lord’s Command. When Vedavathi who was in the form of Sita jumped into fire, The Fire God Agni came up with 2 Sita’s. Agni offered both to Lord Rama and said to Marry Vedavathi too since she suffered all the pain in Ashokavatika. Sita devi too insisted for this proposal. But Lord Rama said, He can marry only one women in this Incarnation. Lord promised that he will take her hands in marriage in Kaliyuga when he descends down on earth as Srinivasa.